Budtender Best Practices

5 Customer Service Best Practices For Your Dispensary

Your budtenders are a huge factor in the success of your cannabis dispensary

Every business thrives off of its customer base, and making sure their experience is second to none will be a huge factor in the success of your cannabis dispensary. But how do you know what best practices to implement? It might be helpful to think about how you’d want to be treated during a visit to a pot shop, but it’s doubtful that every customer will desire the same thing as you or your staff. Aside from making decisions about your marijuana software or your marketing plan, here are five areas to think about when building your brand.

1. Know your stuff

Not only do your budtenders need to know your products to be able to serve customers, but they should understand the multitude of cannabis uses and how certain strains might work well for specific customer requests. Keep in mind; it’s a must that your budtenders do not recommend products for various ailments. While they should be educated on what works well and can share anecdotes about what has been successful for them, they in no way can guarantee results for a customer.


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