A Look Inside The Only Woman-Owned Cannabis Dispensary In New York

In total, there are only ten licensed medical dispensaries in New York

When thinking of weed dispensaries, especially in light of the relatively recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of New York, thoughts don’t necessarily drift to soothing, spa-like destinations offering the sort of calm that is usually associated with self-care. And, yet, that is exactly what Etain, the only cannabis dispensary in New York that is owned by women, feels like. (In Irish mythology, Etain is a Gallic goddess who represents women in a transformational capacity.)

The medical marijuana business on East 58th Street between Second and Third Avenues is the brainchild of Amy Peckham and her daughters Hillary and Keeley. In addition to the New York City flagship, the women own shops in Kingston, Syracuse and Yonkers—technically maxing out the amount of stores that they are allowed to operate under a single license in New York.

In total, there are only ten licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of New York—and Etain is the only one owned entirely by women. 

Interestingly enough, according to current regulations, all companies in the industry are also to be vertically integrated, which means that Etain not only sells medical cannabis but also grows it (they have a facility by Lake George). 

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