Coda Signature: Delivering Chef-Crafted Cannabis Confections

The Colorado-born brand learned as it expanded that each market has a particular palate

There is an incredible synergy between chocolate and cannabis. Both contain the “bliss molecule” anandamide that signals the brain to feel joy. Coda Signature, founded in Colorado in 2015, is a brand of chef-crafted cannabis confections capturing this synergy. Coda’s flagship line of chocolate bars is joined by pates de fruit made with all-natural ingredients and dusted in aromatic sugars and spices. Each product is crafted with intention, using quality ingredients to build a flavor profile that goes deeper than simply tasting good. But they do, in fact, taste good.

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Chef Lauren Gockley, the mind behind Coda Signature, sat down to speak with Ganjapreneur about the brand, developing new flavors, and her plans for the future. “Chocolate not only spoke to the science side of my brain but also the creativity side of my brain, it kind of struck this really beautiful balance where chocolate has very clear guidelines but it’s an incredible medium to work with as a craftsman,” Gockley said. “Chocolate not only is a phenomenal ingredient, it has a very rich history from the Mayans and the Aztecs, it can be molded in so many form factors, and kind of at its core, it’s something that brings joy to almost everyone. Chocolate became my love language.”

The chef’s interest in food developed early alongside her grandmother in the kitchen but before pursuing a career as a chef, she explored a profession in music. Music wasn’t the right fit, and Gockley transitioned into pastry where she appreciated the defined rules of baking science. She began working as a raw Vegan chocolatier, using medicinal herbs and ingredients that weren’t traditionally accepted as tasting “good”— chocolate was her preferred medium for self-expression. The experience of crafting tasty confections with medicinal herbs gave her confidence with cannabis as an ingredient that she could embrace rather than try to hide its natural flavor. Strong, engaging flavors became a mission for Coda, and the team began to develop the brand.

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