Denver Paved The Way Last Month For Social Use

The Coffee Joint is open seven days a week from 10:00AM to 7:00PM

The United States’ first-ever fully licensed cannabis lounge, The Coffee Joint, opened for business last month in Denver, Colorado. Although recreational cannabis has been legal in the state for more than four years, lawmakers have been reluctant to embrace social cannabis use; many of whom cite public safety concerns.


But all of that changed in 2016 when Denver votes approved I-300, a ballot initiative which allowed businesses to have on-site social cannabis use, provided they apply for a permit and meet strict city requirements.


According to Denver Westword, it took more than a year of wrangling with the city over rules and regulations before The Coffee Joint was granted a permit.


Owned by Rita Tsalyuk and Kirill Merkulov and located at 1130 Yuma Street, The Coffee Joint is right next to the appropriately named 1130 Yuma Dispensary, which is also co-owned by Tsalyuk and Merkulov. Because of its location in an industrial district, foot traffic in the area is light and parking is limited.


Still settling into its location, The Coffee Joint’s décor is somewhat austere; but as the first-ever fully licensed cannabis lounge in the United States, most guests are willing to give them a pass for now.


Entrance fees to The Coffee Joint is $5, which include free wi-fi and coffee, and all guests must fill out liability waiver and include an emergency contact. Guests that purchase cannabis at the dispensary next door can circumvent the $5 entry fee and enter for free.



Due to city regulations, smoking on the premises is not permitted. However, vaping or using edible cannabis is allowed, and there is even free CBD isolate available for dabs. Currently, guests will have to bring their own vaping/dab equipment but Tsalyuk and Merkulov are currently working with the city to allow the rental of vaporizing equipment.


The Coffee Joint is open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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