How to Lose Your Cannabis Retail License

Obtaining a cannabis retail license is no easy feat, don’t lose it

Obtaining a cannabis retail license is no easy feat. There’s a hefty amount of paperwork involved, as well as mandatory background checks and, of course, money in application and licensing fees. Needless to say, once you’ve received your license, you’re going to want to take precautions to prevent any possibility of losing it.

With so many rules and regulations surrounding the retail sale of cannabis, there are plenty of ways to jeopardize your license. Even if one of your employees inadvertently commits a compliance infraction, the result can spell certain doom for your store. After all: in cannabis, no license means no business.

Below are five major compliance infractions that can lead to the loss of your cannabis retail license.

1. Exceeding daily purchase limits / looping.

Every state and province with legal cannabis sales has set a daily purchase limit for consumers. Selling more than what it legally allowed is a major compliance infraction that can definitely land you in hot water. This is why it’s critical that all your staff members are trained on the legal purchase limits and understand the potential ramifications of overselling.


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