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What Is “Looping”?: A Colorado Cannabis Compliance Alert!

Customers are attempting to circumvent state law, and you could be liable

The truth of that statement should be self-evident to every dispensary owner or investor after events transpired in Colorado last week leading to over a dozen arrests and license revocations related to the practice known in the community as ‘looping’. Today we’re going to learn what looping is and how your legal cannabis enterprise can effectively protect itself from those engaging in this illegal and potentially dangerous technique.

What is Looping?

In a nutshell, it’s a method that cannabis buyers use in an attempt to get around Colorado’s transaction limits at a cannabis dispensary, which state that a customer may buy and possess no more than one ounce of cannabis flower in a single transaction. Essentially, buyers will ‘loop’ around the block after making one purchase, then come back in for a second one at the same location just a bit later. Dedicated individuals are then able to purchase and possess many times the legal weight limits specified in cannabis compliance law. In some cases, they may even rotate through multiple dispensaries in an attempt to further disguise their actions.

Who is Liable?

As of right now, it seems that law enforcement officials are treating the individuals who actually execute these ‘looped’ sales as responsible for them – meaning your budtenders could quite literally be placing their personal freedom on the line, and should definitely be trained and equipped to recognize and prevent it before it occurs.

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