Maine’s Decision To Open Adult-Use Marijuana Market To Non-Residents Sparks Lawsuit

The state announced it would abandon the residency requirement last month

Local marijuana businesses are taking the state to court to protect their exclusive right to Maine’s adult-use marijuana market.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Maine Cannabis Coalition claimed the state Department of Administrative and Financial Services was violating state law by refusing to enforce the residency requirement that lawmakers included in the Marijuana Legalization Act. The law says only Maine residents can run a recreational marijuana grow, manufacturing plant or retail store.

“Maine Cannabis Coalition and its members along with many other citizens fought hard for two years to make sure residency protections were included in the law,” according to a statement issued Monday. “To have it all be ignored after all the hard work and efforts is extremely aggravating to the citizens and policy makers of Maine who expect no one to be above the law.”

The state announced it would abandon the residency requirement last month to resolve a suit challenging its constitutionality filed by Wellness Connection of Maine, which holds four of Maine’s eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses. Wellness Connection has financial ties to international cannabis company, Acreage Holdings.

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