New Rules For Oregon’s Hemp & Marijuana Industries

The OLCC is asking hemp and marijuana industry stakeholders to contribute

New rules regulating Oregon’s hemp and licensed marijuana industries took effect January 1st.

Since the start of the new year the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has fielded a lot of questions about what those rules mean, and what OLCC marijuana licensees and Oregon Department of Agriculture registered hemp growers and handlers need to do to make sure they’re compliant with the new regulations.

To provide answers the OLCC is producing a series of information modules to explain how to implement and comply with the rules the Commission adopted on December 28, 2021. The presentations will cover a range of information related to: marijuana edible limits, license privileges, hemp concentration limits, artificially derived cannabinoids and expanded retailer home delivery.

The OLCC is asking hemp and marijuana industry stakeholders to contribute to the content creation of the presentations by submitting questions they want answered about the new rules. You can use this form to send us your questions.

OLCC will use the questions collected through this form to develop the pre-recorded content. The episodes will be available for viewing on-demand on the OLCC YouTube page in early February, 2022.

Link to form: (Ask) Questions for 2022 Marijuana Rule Presentations

Please submit questions no later than 5 PM on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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