RosinBomb Rocket

Recreational and medical users can now make quality cannabis concentrates and CBD oil for dabbing, vaping and crafting edibles, without any toxic additives. The ROSINBOMB Rocket is the first professional grade rosin press designed for consumers and optimized for the highest quality and maximum output, without using any chemicals or solvents, in a compact elegant and quiet home appliance. The Rocket joins the best of breed ROSINBOMB M-50, somewhat larger in scale and optimized for boutique and commercial growers and cultivators, the M-50 presses up to 14 grams per minute and like the rocket maximizes all the attributes of the plan including potency, taste and quality

The ROSINBOMB Rocket is the only professional grade press designed for consumers on the planet.  It consistently provides a smashing 1500 pounds of pressure. 

Operation is easy and effortless, utilizing only a standard electrical plug. The simple press-and-release button operation for applying pressure and heat, and an intuitive digital temperature setting display, make the out-of-box experience instantly rewarding. The Rosinbomb Rocket is available for $599 from select distributors, dispensaries or direct via the company website at: Wholesale inquires welcomed.



The ROSINBOMB Rocket processes up to 5 grams with 1,500 pounds of pressure in a 13 pound, personal press.

110/ 220 Volt

3 Amp

10” tall / 6” wide / 6” deep

Total shipping weight is 15 lbs.

Create your own personal solvent less dab bar at home. Enjoy any strain.

All ROSINBOMB presses are plug and play out of the box. They are proudly made in the USA.

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