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Sticker Shock: How To Talk To Customers About Premium Cannabis Price Tags

With top shelf prices hitting all time highs in some markets, sticker shock happens

As the industry continues to shed the negative stereotypes and stigmas once heavily associated with cannabis consumption, dispensaries are seeing an uptick in visits from cannabis newcomers. These customers typically have plenty of questions about the various products they see on your shelves, including how to consume them, what kind of effects to expect, and, quite naturally, how much it’s going to cost.

Long-time consumers in mature markets like Colorado and Washington can appreciate today’s cannabis price tags. Thanks to the efficiencies of legal, large-scale production, current cannabis prices represent a dramatic decrease from just a few years ago. These days, even premium product sells for a fraction of what it did in the early stages of legalization.

But for new consumers with no frame of reference, a first glance at some of today’s top-shelf price tags may trigger sticker shock. When that happens, you and your budtenders need to be prepared to educate customers on the factors that drive premium cannabis prices.

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