The new STIIIZY packaging for pods will be eco-friendly and smaller

We have been working long and hard on a new pod packaging design in efforts to work towards becoming eco-conscious, and now it’s finally here!

Our pod packaging is roughly the same, just with a few updates and newly repackaged in a smaller, eco-friendly and sustainable way. Here is a brief scope on the new rebrand, what has changed, what hasn’t, and what we are doing to become an environmentally-friendly brand.

  • The new packaging now has the strain name call-out on a new redesigned label placed on the front of the packaging instead of being part of the main STIIIZY logo section that customers are use to seeing — making these new pod packaging containers no longer strain name specific, but universal by strain type/mood (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD).
  • The Authentication sticker that was normally only seen on our pod packaging in our California market, will now be universal throughout California and other state markets that we are currently in (MI, NV, WA, AZ). This is the holographic sticker on the front, right side of the packaging that includes a scratch off on the left. Under the scratch off: a QR code to authenticate the product.
  • We have moved the child resistant, tamper evident punch out mechanism from the left side of the pod packaging, and now have the batch labels being placed to the top left side, doubling as a tamper evident label.
  • Barcodes were removed and the child resistant, punch out mechanism now resides on the back; customers just have to push the inner carton within the oval punch out mechanism, and pull the top tab on the right side to open.
  • The inner tray now takes up the entire inside of the carton, instead of just half due to the new sizing proportions of the packaging. Because of this, the pull tab for the inner tray is now fully on the right side.
  • In substitution of the paper user manual, our team has replaced this with a QR code that goes straight to a digital version of the user manual. This QR code can be found on the left side of the redesigned inner tray, and all a customer has to do to access this is by scanning the code with their phone’s camera (works for both Android and Iphone users alike).
V2 Packaging

With a new inner tray design, we are able to cut down waste by producing a smaller version of our original packaging. In addition to using less material, our pod packaging is now made completely out of cardboard — making it easier to recycle after use.

This effort is one of many STIIIZY implementations in becoming a green, environmentally conscious company. If you are local to our STIIIZY DTLA storefront, we offer a recycling program for our pods and disposable batteries that has been available for the past couple of years. Customers can find clear containers for this available at each register within the retail space. If you are not located close to our DTLA retail location, not a problem! You can still join us in these initiatives by finding a metal recycling waste center near you to dispose of pods and disposable batteries, the proper way.

Although we have released a new version of our pod packaging across the board, our old version may still be on the market during this new transition. To ensure you are always purchasing authentic STIIIZY products, use Weedmaps to locate a verified retailer near you.

Because of you, we are able to continue growing. To learn. To improve, and to evolve through a new sustainable path. Now being more important than ever as we garner a bigger platform within the cannabis space. Having just gained titles the best-selling vape brand, best-selling brand in California’s market and third best-selling brand in the US to date (BDSA Essential Cannabis Insights).

Let’s keep it going.

*Disclaimer: Packaging compliance symbols will vary from state to state.

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