SXSW 2022 To Feature Variety Of Cannabis Discussions

“Cannabis is a social justice, health care, and economic issue”

As cannabis continues to become more mainstream, more people are taking the opportunity to learn and understand the plant more. The 2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival is set to feature nine panels discussing cannabis and seven regarding psychedelics in an effort to destigmatize and educate individuals on the nuances surrounding cannabis and its burgeoning industry.

Three of the panels are focused on educating the public in order to destigmatize and create equity in the cannabis space. Culture editor for Leafly, Janessa Bailey, is sitting on the Puff, Puff, Pass: Equity in Cannabis Legalization panel, where they will host a fact-based discussion on topics including the record-high job numbers in legal states, how to measure states’ equity efforts, how the future of cannabis is affected by policy and how to ensure marginalized communities are not left out of the industry.

“Cannabis is a social justice, health care, and economic issue. It is a plant for everyone, and yet not everyone gets to enjoy it with the same privileges, safety, or access,” Bailey said. “Crafting policies that help create a fair and equitable cannabis industry has never been more important.”

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