The Harvest Ball 2021 Announces “Emerald Sessions,” Emerald Cup-Approved Cannabis, Psychedelic, Educational Panels And Conversations Powered By Social Club TV

The road to the Emerald Cup begins this December 11th – 12th

Harvest Ball ( is excited to announce a diverse schedule of thought leaders, advocates, educators and experts for “Emerald Sessions,” powered by Social Club TV ( The Emerald Cup will take place on December 11 and 12, 2021, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. This year, the two day event celebrates the peak of the harvest season, symbolically starting the journey to the Cup in 2022. With another incredible year of change in our industry, the panel discussions focus on sharing knowledge, spreading sustainable farming practices, and creating meaningful conversation around various topics facing the cannabis nation. The sessions feature back-to-back lectures, workshops, documentaries, guest speakers, expert panels, and exciting in-person events.

A groundbreaking line up of music, art, and cannabis; a marketplace full of California’s most coveted cannabis brands; limited space; and overwhelming excitement for the culture has driven robust early ticket sales to the Harvest Ball.

Discover some of the most notable sessions and special guests including:

Creating Real Impact: Empowering Social Equity Operators in the Cannabis Industry
Cannabis companies have an obligation to advocate for communities negatively impacted by the war on drugs, but is it all just lip service? How do we incubate, support, and serve entrepreneurship, investment, leadership and growth for social equity owners and operators? What is the role of local government in bolstering social equity programs? Join our panel of experts for a deep-dive examining the lessons learned, challenges and opportunities for social equity owners/operators in California and beyond.

Moderated by: Rashad Johnson, Eaze
Panelists: Whitney Beatty, Josephine & Billie’s; Amber Senter, Supernova Women

“Eat, Drink And Be Merry. Food, Beverages & Cannabis Hospitality”
Infused candy, savory snacks and drinks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential for cannabis in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Join us as we discuss what’s on the menu for innovations in the way we eat, drink, and consume cannabis, and talk about trends on the horizon in 2022.

Panelists: Elise McDonough, Brand Manager, Cannabis Cookbook Author – Gem & Jane; Chef Nikki, The High End Affair; Luke Anderson, Co-founder, Cann

Farming Wildlife Friendly Cannabis in a Drought Year
Hear from cultivators and state scientists on what makes a cannabis farm truly environmentally friendly during a drought year.

Moderator: Joanna Ceder, Sonoma County Grower’s Alliance
Panelists: Jennifer Nguyen, California Department of Fish and Wildlife; Max Meyers, Cannabis Farmer; Sam De La Paz, Cannabis Farmer; John Casali, Huckleberry Hill Farms

Regenerative Farming: People, Practice, Place
Like other farming activities, commercial cannabis cultivation has the potential to harm the environment. With the passage of Proposition 64, thousands of new cultivators are entering the legal cannabis market. Many are unaware that seemingly harmless farming activities can have big impacts to the environment. At the same time, there are numerous cultivators who are enhancing the surrounding ecology of their farm and raising the bar with wildlife-friendly practices. How can regenerative agriculture practices help undo environmental damage? Will federal legalization protect or further damage the environment? How can we incentivize more cultivators to use regenerative agriculture practices?

Moderated by: Jesse Dodd, Co-Creator of the Regenerative Cannabis Awards,
Panelists: Blaire AuClair, Radicle Herbs; Daniel Stein, Briceland Forest Farm; Nick Mahmood, Co-Founder & Co-Owner – Green Source Gardens

ECHB Joint Rolling Contest
Speed. Accuracy. Determination. Are you ready to roll? Throw your hat in the ring for the ECHB joint rolling contest and see if you have what it takes to smoke the competition.
Hip Hop & the War on Drugs
For decades, there has been a specific narrative of cannabis prohibition told by the mainstream media. At the same time, another narrative was being shared by Hip-Hop artists – the narrative of injustice inspired by the failed War on Drugs. Join us for a discussion about music, cannabis, and how some of our favorite songs have chronicled the mainstream evolution in thinking about drug policy and criminal justice reform.

Moderated by: Amanda Chicago Lewis, Rolling Stone
Panelists: Weldon Angelos, Mission Green

The New Wave of Psychedelics
Can psychedelics heal? A growing movement says YES. Oakland is the second city in the United States to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi like mushrooms, ayahuasca, and cacti. As more scientific research and successful case studies emerge, we will discuss the road map for federal legalization and hear about the challenges and opportunities for psychedelic medicine.
Moderated by: Danielle Negrin, San Francisco Psychedelic Society
Panelists: Carlos Plazola,Co-Founder and Board Chair – Decriminalize Nature National; Del Potter, Chief Science Officer – Hivemind Holdings; Ismail Ali, Acting Director of Policy & Advocacy – MAPS; Reggie Harris, Founder, Oakland Hyphae

Sexual Healing: Cannabis Under the Covers
A new study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine found that marijuana users are more likely to have sex than non-users. A separate study found women generally find cannabis enhances their sexual pleasure. From infused lubricants to consuming before intimate interactions, cannabis is finding its way into the bedrooms of more and more adults. Learn about the science and new cannabis products geared towards enhanced sexual wellness. Join our panel of experts as we debunk the myths about cannabis and coitus.

Panelist: Ashley Manta, Award Winning Intimacy Coach – CannaSexual; Buck Angel, Producer, Sex Educator, Motivational Speaker; Lizzy Jeff, Rap Priestess & CEO – Zen & Kush; Julie Chiarello, Editor-in-Chief, SKUNK Magazine

What’s Next for Cannabis Taxes?
Cannabis Excise Tax and Cultivation Tax has been a hindrance for our industry, but with the new year comes the possibility for big changes, like the elimination of the excise tax. Join our panel of tax, legal, and business experts for a discussion examining the current and future outlook for cannabis taxes.

Moderated by: Justin Strekal, Political Director, NORML
Panelists: Andrew DeAngelo, Founder – Andrew DeAngelo Consulting; Morgan Stinson, Business Development Manager – MGO; Omar Figueroa, Attorney – Law Offices of Omar Figueroa; Regina Unegovsky, Attorney – Regal Tax & Law Group

Biologicals: A Tool for Regenerative Cannabis Production
Biological inputs are increasingly being utilized in regenerative cannabis production. What are classified as biologicals? What do amino, humic, and fulvic acids do for plant nutrition? Can biological inputs improve or alter the way cannabis grows? Can biologicals decrease the reliance on fertilizer inputs? Does biological farming produce better cannabis? Can biologicals improve cannabis seed germination and seedling vigor? These are some of the questions that will be addressed by the BioAg team during this panel.

Moderator: Erik Augerson, BioAg
Panelists: Joshua Hedberg, BioAg

Changing Landscape: Securing the Future of Small Farms & Building the Regenerative Supply Chain
Like other farming activities, commercial cannabis cultivation has the potential to harm the environment. With the passage of Proposition 64, thousands of new cultivators are entering the legal cannabis market. Many are unaware that seemingly harmless farming activities can have big impacts to the environment. At the same time, there are numerous cultivators who are enhancing the surrounding ecology of their farm and raising the bar with wildlife-friendly practices. How can regenerative agriculture practices help undo environmental damage? Will federal legalization protect or further damage the environment? How can we incentivize more cultivators to use regenerative agriculture practices?

Moderated by: Jesse Dodd, Co-Creator of the Regenerative Cannabis Awards  
Panelists: Chrystal Ortiz, FulSol Farms; Jesce Horton, LOWD; Tina Gordon, Moonmade Farms

Behind the Scenes: The Emerald Cup Judging Experience
For nearly two decades, some of the most revered names in cannabis have gathered annually to crown a new King or Queen of Green. The Emerald Cup judging process is one of the most rigorous cannabis assessment programs in the world. Starting weeks before the festival, our panel of highly qualified judges work to analyze and review each sample, narrowing entries down to finalists, and ultimately a winner. Join our panel of past Emerald Cup judges to get the inside scoop on what really happens behind the scenes at the Emerald Cup and learn about their unique processes for assessing and awarding the final entries.

Moderated by: Julie Chiarello, Editor-in-Chief, SKUNK Magazine
Panelists: Guy Rocourt, Co-founder &  President, Papa & Barkley; Jessica Hwang, Owner of Feeling Frosty; Swami, Associate Producer of of The Emerald Cup, Farmer and co- founder of Swami Select

The Hottest Topics in Genetics
There’s never been a better time to be a consumer of cannabis. From exciting new technology to rapidly expanding availability, enthusiasts have more options when shopping for their favorite smoke. As genetics continue to evolve, strains are becoming more potent and flavorful. What is hot? What is next? Join us for a wide-ranging discussion with some of the top geneticists in cannabis.

Moderated by: Jesse Dodd, Co-Creator of the Regenerative Cannabis Awards
Panelists: Ed Rosenthal, Author, Educator, Activist; Katie Jeane, Healer, Botanist, Farmer, Cannabis Expert – Emerald Spirit Botanicals; Mean Gene Jackson, Master Breeder & Founder – Freeborn Selections; Todd McCormick, Founder – Authentic Genetics, Cancer Survivor, Longtime Cannabis Activist and Cannabis Breeder

The Mushroom Movement: Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Craft Products
From spore to sale, functional mushroom products are the next big wave in natural medicine. Join us as we unpack the growing trend of psilocybin craft beer, teas, chocolate, microdosing, and listen in as our experts share how mushroom products go from concept to retail shelves.

Panelists: Chef Nikki, The High End Affair; The Dank Duchess, Hashish Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator, and Public Speaker; Del Potter, Chief Science Officer – Hivemind Holdings; William Padilla Brown, Founder – Mycosymbiotics

SPEAKERS BIOS(more to come)

Amanda Chicago Lewis, Journalist
Amanda Chicago Lewis mostly reports on the marijuana industry and the war on drugs. She’s written for Rolling Stone, WIRED, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Amber Senter, Executive Director – Supernova Women
Amber E. Senter is the Executive Director of Supernova Women. She is also the founder of Shady Pines Box Club, a lifestyle and infused cannabis product, distribution, and direct-to-consumer company located in Oakland, CA. Amber is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

Andrew DeAngelo, Founder – Andrew DeAngelo Consulting
Andrew DeAngelo is a visionary leader with a proven track record of enacting systemic social change and developing best practices in cannabis. Andrew lends his vast cannabis business and political expertise as a consultant for hire to the global cannabis community at large, including several strategic partnerships with the world’s leading cannabis-centric service firms.

Ashley Manta, Award Winning Intimacy Coach – CannaSexual
Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator and coach and has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand.
Blaire AuClair, Co-Owner – Radicle Herbs
Blaire AuClair is a small-scale cannabis and vegetable grower with her husband Daniel, operating as Radicle Herbs and Folk Life Farm in the valley floor, just outside of Covelo.

Buck Angel, Producer, Sex Educator, Motivational Speaker
Buck Angel is a producer of transgender male sexual wellness products, films, motivational speaker, human rights activist and entrepreneur.

Carlos Plazola, Co-Founder and Board Chair – Decriminalize Nature National
Carlos is the Chair of the Board of the Decriminalize Nature, an organization he co-founded.

Chef Nikki, The High End Affair
Chef Nikki Steward, creator of The High-End Affair is one of the most sought-after culinary entertainment chefs in the country. She’s toured with Dj Khaled and curated dinners for celebs, including Snoop Dogg and Quavo.

Chrystal Ortiz, Permaculture Gardner, Founding Member – FulSol Farm
Chrystal Ortiz is a permaculture gardener, Cannabis medicine maker and educator, founding member of FulSol Farm and operations manager at True Humboldt, a brand supported by medical Cannabis farmers in the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild.

Daniel Stein, Co-Founder – Briceland Forest Farm
Daniel Stein, with his wife Taylor, owns and operates Briceland Forest Farm in Humboldt County. Their family farm and homestead is a diversified cannabis and vegetable farm that specializes in seed and sun grown cannabis and mixed veggies for market.
Danielle Negrin, Executive Director – San Francisco Psychedelic Society
Danielle Negrin is the Executive Director of San Francisco Psychedelic Society, on the advisory board for Project New Day, was on the founding team of Decriminalize Nature Oakland and is a Cosmic Sister recipient.

Del Potter, Chief Science Officer – Hivemind Holdings
Dr. Del Potter is a medical anthropologist, an entrepreneur, and the Chief Science Officer of Aya Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical startup that develops next-gen therapeutic cannabis and psychedelic compounds.

Ed Rosenthal, Author, Educator, Activist
Ed Rosenthal is a leading cannabis horticulture authority, author, educator, social activist and legalization pioneer.

Elise McDonough, Brand Manager, Cannabis Cookbook Author – Gem & Jane
Elise McDonough is a nineteen-year veteran of the cannabis industry and movement, with top-level experience as a brand builder, marketer, content creator, PR specialist and event coordinator. McDonough authored “The Bong Appétit Cookbook,” and the bestselling “High Times Cannabis Cookbook.”

Erik Augerson, Technical Services Manager – BioAg
Erik Augerson is an expert on organic/regenerative agriculture production. He was classically trained with a B.S. in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture from Washington State University and a background in field experimental design.

Guy Rocourt, Co-Founder & President – Papa & Barkley
Guy Rocourt is the President, Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer of Papa & Barkley, a leading California cannabis wellness company. At P&B Guy is responsible for product innovation, optimizing production practices, ensuring the company complies with rigorous testing and lab standards, and developing the product roadmap as the brand expands into different areas of the cannabis marketplace.

Ismail Ali, Acting Director of Policy & Advocacy – MAPS
As MAPS’ Acting Director of Policy and Advocacy, Ismail advocates to eliminate barriers to psychedelic therapy and research, develops and implements legal and policy strategy, and supports MAPS’ governance, non-profit, and ethics work.

Jesce Horton, CEO – LOWD
Jesce Horton is an engineer by education, an energy management and automation expert through training and a horticulturalist by passion. Horton founded LOWD, a Tier I indoor connoisseur-focused cultivation facility in metro Portland, Oregon.

Jesse Dodd, Co-Creator- Regenerative Cannabis Awards
Jesse Dodd works in the greater cannabis community building and contributing to the regenerative cannabis movement through his creation of the Regenerative Cannabis Awards at The Emerald Cup and collaborating with other exceptional farms throughout California, Oregon and abroad.

Jessica Hwang, Owner – Feeling Frosty
Jessica Hwang is the owner of Feeling Frosty, a small batch concentrates company out of Sonoma County. She utilizes only fresh frozen cannabis flowers as starting material, which in return outputs the finest cannabis extractions.

Julie Chiarello, Editor In Chief – SKUNK Magazine
As Owner and Editor-in-chief at SKUNK Magazine in empowering small businesses to succeed and giving a voice to the unseen and unheard that continue to suffer and and be torn apart by this heinous public crime. I am devoted to a green renaissance, not a green/greed rush and I am just one in the midst of millions who are banding together globally to tear the ugly plague of prohibition down, we are living bridges into the future creating healing for the people and the planet.

Katie Jeane, Healer, Botanist, Farmer, Cannabis Expert – Emerald Spirit Botanicals
Katie Jeane is a healer, botanist, mother, farmer, and former Waldorf school kindergarten teacher. She and her sons are cannabis experts and run Emerald Spirit Botanicals, a diversified farm in Northern California specializing in rare 1:1, CBD: THC cannabis strains that they have been selectively breeding for years.

Lizzy Jeff, Rap Priestess & CEO – Zen & Kush
Rap Priestess, Lizzy Jeff is a Renaissance woman and CEO of Zen & Kush. She uplifts the people through powerful lyrics, community events and highly curated live performances. She inspires the leaders and empowers the alchemists.

Luke Anderson, CEO – Cann
Luke Anderson is the Co-founder of Canna, a (highly) social cannabis company. They create products with approachable doses of THC and CBD that are actually delicious.

Mean Gene Jackson, Master Breeder & Founder – Freeborn Selections
Mean Gene with Freeborn Selections is one of the most highly regarded breeders in the cannabis scene. For over 20 years he’s built his knowledge base of the plant and spread that experience far and wide by way of his distinguished catalog of exclusive strains.

Nick Mahmood, Co-Founder & Co-Owner – Green Source Gardens
Nick Mahmood and family run Green Source Gardens, which is a legal cannabis farm in Southern Oregon.

Omar Figueroa, Attorney – Law Offices of Omar Figueroa
Omar Figueroa has more than twenty two years of experience at the vanguard of California cannabis law and is widely respected as an industry expert. Omar is a Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association as well as a Director of the Cannabis Travel Association International. He is also a Founding Lifetime Member and former Director of the International Cannabis Bar Association, a Lifetime Member of the NORML Legal Committee, and recognized with the Distinguished Counsel’s Award by NORML.

Regina Unegovsky, Attorney – Regal Tax & Law Group
Regina Unegovsky is a principal in the law firm of Regal Tax & Law Group, PC. In California. Regina concentrates her practice in tax controversy, solving local, state and federal tax disputes for all types of taxpayers.

Swami Chaitanya, Founder – Swami Select
Swami Chaitanya, aka “The Swami of Pot” (Rolling Stone Magazine), is a radical classic: he started his life as an East Coast academic and now in his early seventies is a West Coast Cannabis Holy Man.

The Dank Duchess, Hashish Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator, and Public Speaker
The Dank Duchess is an international cannabis consultant, cultivator, and public speaker whose “niche is hashish.” With 18 years of cultivation experience and professional training from Hash Master Frenchy Cannoli, Duchess has dedicated her career to educating people about high quality cannabis and hashish through print, film, and social media.

Tina Gordon, Owner, Founder, Executive – Moon Made Farms
Tina Gordon is a sun grown regenerative Cannabis farmer and advocate for increased access to plant medicine produced in alignment with nature. After relocating from San Francisco to southern Humboldt County in 2007, she was awakened to the healing properties of clean air, fresh water and farm-grown food, and this transformation informed the development of her philosophical approach to farming. Cannabis cultivation has inspired her to prioritize a value system based upon living things and to pursue a holistic relationship with Cannabis. She firmly believes Cannabis and plant medicine can help mitigate ecological and human suffering. Prior to cultivating Cannabis, Tina worked as a producer, documentary filmmaker, event promoter and musician, with an emphasis on underground and alternative subcultures. In all of her creative projects, Tina has endeavored to empower the self-expression of those who are underrepresented or marginalized. She now brings that focus to building a regenerative Cannabis supply chain.

Todd McCormick, Founder – Authentic Genetics. Cancer Survivor, Longtime Cannabis Activist and Cannabis Breeder
Todd McCormick is a former cancer patient who started using cannabis in 1979 under his mother’s supervision while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Todd overcame the cancer and went on to become a lifetime advocate for medical cannabis.

Weldon Angelos, Founder – Mission Green
Weldon Angelos was serving 55 years in federal prison for three counts of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and various charges related to marijuana trafficking. He was released on May 31, 2016, after a federal court granted him a reduction in sentence.

Whitney Beatty, Co-Founder & Owner – Josephine & Billies and Apothecarry

Whitney is the co-owner of Josephine & Billie’s, the first dispensary focused on the recreational and medicinal needs of women of color.

William Padilla Brown, Founder – Mycosymbiotics
William Padilla-Brown is a bona fide mycological influencer, with a profile steadily growing beyond the realm of fungi.

Emerald Cup Harvest Ball at the Sonoma County Fairground, Santa Rosa, California


Emerald VIP & Super Emerald VIP: 11am – 10pm PDT

General Admission: 12pm – 10pm PDT

Marketplace Hours: 11am – 9pm PDT (VIP early entry)


Emerald VIP & Super Emerald VIP: 11am – 8pm PDT

General Admission: 12pm – 8pm PDT

Marketplace Hours: 11am – 8pm PDT (VIP early entry)

Visit: for more information and to purchase tickets$1.00 of every ticket sold will go to Sweet Leaf Collective for Compassionate Care

Cookies – Emerald Level Sponsor of the Emerald Stage

PUFFCO – Diamond Level Sponsor for the Grace Pavilion

Humboldt Seed Company – Platinum Level Sponsor for Redwood Stage

Compound Genetics – Platinum Level Sponsor for the VIP Tent The event is open to anyone 18 years or older with a valid photo ID. Licensed Cannabis Consumption areas are 21+, (or) 18+ with a Medical Marijuana Identification Card and valid photo ID. For all health & safety information, please visit: Our information is updated regularly in accordance with local and state guidelines.

Follow the fun on social media at @theemeraldcup and visit  for programming information.

The Emerald Cup is now the world’s premier virtual cannabis destination and iconic live event. While advancing the concept of sustainable, sun-grown farming, the 17-year old organization’s reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most-respected cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together leading experts in the cannabis industry to educate and inspire our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. The community celebration has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest organic and sun-grown, cannabis harvest as well as the finest cannabis products available. The Cup has stood as a celebration of excellence and over the years, has seen founder Tim Blake recognized as a guardian of the ever changing cannabis industry.

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