This Athlete’s Cannabis Side Hustle Turned Into A Movement To Change L.A.’s Cannabis Scene

Ball Family Farms is a staple of the largest adult-use market in the world

Chris Ball walks through the cavernous supermarket-sized warehouse space with the purpose of an athlete ready to hit the field. He’s wearing a gray tracksuit with black-and-white checkerboard accents, a pair of black-and-white checkerboard Old Skool Vans and a black ball cap with the brim facing backward.

Both the hat and the hooded sweatshirt are emblazoned with the name of his cannabis brand, Ball Family Farms, and its logo, which consists of a pair of crossed black-and-white checkered flags.

The athletic way the 43-year-old moves through the room is no accident; football skills earned the Rialto, Calif., native a scholarship to the UC Berkeley training camp with the San Francisco 49ers (“I got released,” he said with a half-shrug), one season with NFL Europe’s Berlin Thunder and two with the Canadian Football League. But that was back in the early aughts — ancient history, really — and Ball only brings it up to explain how he came to fall in love with the plant side of the cannabis business.

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