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Tips For Your Cannabis Dispensary: Inventory

Keeping proper recordsat your retail operation is of utmost importance

Keeping proper records, and tracking product at your retail operation is of utmost importance. And getting the right inventory systems in place is the difference between smooth operations and a daily battle with paperwork.

Here are a few quick thoughts on inventory management:

  1. Plan the Inventory Process: Detail your compliance along with potential pain points or logistic issues in the supply chain. Get a good basic breakdown of all the different tasks in the inventory process, and an estimation of total labor to complete.

  2. Invest in Tech: A Cannabis POS system will help with inventory management, and there are many on the market.

  3. Pre-packaging: It helps minimize human error, and saves man-hours as well.

  4. Redundancy/Oversight: Additional layers of redundancy and oversight are important. Never have only one person be responsible for all reporting/counting. At least two individuals at the management level should sign every single inventory report or piece of compliance documentation that is produced.


What it means for retail: Having the right systems in place in your business is very important to running your business correctly. These hints and tips will help your dispensary’s operations and help increase your wholesale and retail proceeds.

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1 Comment

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