Your Guide For The Top Trending Cannabis Products For Fall/Winter 2020

We take a look at some of California’s top products this winter

It’s the time of the year when making sure you have your shelves stocked with the top products is going to help make you round the corner into a very happy new year.

Come along as we take a look at the top trending products in a 3-part journey. First we’ll start with California’s Top Trending Products in the cannabis industry. Next, we’ll look at the accessories blazing trails nationwide. Last, we’ll take a look at latest CBD / Hemp / Delta-8 as well as all of the other cannabinoids that have been taking off since 2018.

Part 1 will be broken broken by Flower, Edibles, Extracts, Vapes, and the latest trend, Subscription Cannabis Boxes. Enjoy!

Trending Californian Cannabis Products

Cereal Milk by Cookies

A cross of Y Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie) and Snowman, Cereal Milk by world-renown Californian based multi-state operator Cookies Co has an incredible flavor with a smell that makes its name true to word. Cookies, owned by rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, has been putting out solid strains throughout the years with it’s NorCal farms.

To Learn More About Cereal Milk By Cookies, Click Here

Orange Creamsicle by Flow Kana

Bay area brand Flow Kana has some of the best organic cannabis in the game. Having a multitude of family farms that cultivate for them they are able to grow in bulk via small-batch using sustainable methods. We highlighted Flow Kana’s THCV Cultivar line last year by rare cannabinoid family farm Emerald Spirit Farms, and this year it is our opinion that Flow Kana has outdone themselves when it comes to smooth flavor with their Orange Creamsicle offerings. Orange Creamsicle’s incredible flavor comes from its solid lineage of Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit.

To Learn More About Orange Creamsicle by Flow Kana, Click Here

Whoa-Si-Whoa by Top Shelf

This award-winning Indica is a cross of two hyper incredible strains, Dosidos and The White. It also couldn’t have come from a finer indoor grower currently in the legal market as Top-Shelf Cultivation has been putting in solid growth during their decades in the scene. Highly terpy and a definite must-have, if you can still get your hands on it that is.

To Learn More About Whoa-Si-Whoa by Top Shelf, Click Here

Lemongrass by Farmer and the Felon

When you see a company that supports a cause like the Last Prisoner Project, you have to give them a look. Thankfully not only are they amazing people, but they are also amazing growers as well. Their Lemongrass, which is Lemon Kush Bx5 and Humboldt Gelato Bx3, is a rock-em sock-em slap to the face with more tart than a lemon head candy. By picking some up you won’t just be supporting an incredible cause, but you’ll also be enjoying some of California’s finest.

To Learn More About Lemongrass by Farmer And The Felon, Click Here

Reign by Ball Family Farms x Viola

Al Harrington’s Viola Brand is one of the largest and most prestigious brands pushing for social equity today. Having more than 10 years in the cannabis industry, Al prides himself on prepping up new entrepreneurs of color who are trying to break into the space. One such applicant was Chris Ball of Ball Family Farms. Al and Chris teamed up on this California exclusive from Viola x Ball Family Farms. A solid Indica with purple highlights, the only information Chris would give us is that it comes from an OG heritage.

To Learn More About Reign by Ball Family Farms x Viola, Click Here

Raspberry Cheesecake Limited Edition Chocolate Bar by Platinum Vape

San Diego based multi-state operator Platinum Vapes is well known for their candy and vapes and this limited edition Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar absolutely sets the bar for its flavor. You would swear you are eating a raspberry cheesecake. Not only is it that delicious, but a portion of the proceeds actually go towards spreading breast cancer awareness. Hurry though as these are limited edition and will go fast.

To Learn More About Raspberry Cheesecake Limited Edition Chocolate Bar by Platinum Vape, Click Here

Chocolate Covered Terra Blueberry Bites by Kiva Confections

Kiva is one of the largest edible brands in earth, and their Terra Blueberry Bites are one of the most popular choices on their menu. Created using a traditional 24-hour panning process, dried US-grown blueberries are dusted with cocoa powder and finished with a coasting of milk chocolate. Easy to take anywhere, these are sure to please.

To Learn More About Chocolate Covered Terra Blueberry Bites by Kiva Confections, Click Here

Cream and Crumble by Coda Signature

Coda Signature has some of the most creative and downright delicious edible offerings in California. Some of their product line is so intricate and high end looking you would think the brand originated in Beverly Hills. However Denver Colorado based Coda Signature only just entered the California market early last year and already are taking the state by storm. Coda struck gold with Chef Lauren Gockley as the Director of Edibles, and they have been putting out non-stop award winning edibles since coming on the market back in 2015. Their Cream & Crumble is like eating a succulent lemon cheesecake, and I would highly recommend picking one up.

To Learn More About Cream and Crumble by Coda Signature, Click Here

 Raspberry Gummies by Wyld

Wyld is one of those cannabis edibles that is absolutely refreshing to eat. Made with real fruit and enhanced with additional fruit terpenes, Raspberry Gummies by Wyld are technically an experience to eat in itself. It’s a box full of gummies that almost melt in your mouth. Not only that, but its box design is extremely creative and colorful, it stands out on your self and is worth a look if you don’t have it already.

To Learn More About Raspberry Gummies by Wyld, Click Here

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Reverb by Absolute Extracts

Absolute Extracts hit a home run with this one. Sold by either the single, 4 pack, or 10 pack in 12 fl. oz bottles, these microdose drinks actually taste almost like beer except there is one catch, they contain zero alcohol. Instead, you get a 10mg THC experience with their Reverb variant that will leave you energized and ready to a second.

To Learn More About Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Reverb by Absolute Extracts, Click Here

Red Congolese Butter by Live Resin Project

When I first experienced Red Congolese Butter by the Live Resin Project, helmed by cannabis expert Ry Prichard, during The Emerald Cup in 2019 I was absolutely blown away by the terp notes I was getting of off such a small hit. Literally opening the gram container caused not only my nose to till, but people 7-8 feet away outdoors. While it only took 3rd place overall at the 2019 Emerald Cup, this rare treat is one that should you be able to get it will keep your customers hooked for a long time to come.

To Learn More About Red Congolese Butter by Live Resin Project, Click Here

Unicorn Cake Live Sauce by Raw Garden

Raw Garden is an absolute powerhouse in the marketplace with their inexpensive yet extremely high quality extracts. This particular Indica, Wedding Cake x Cake OG, was extracted after being grown in central California using clean green certified farming techniques. One of the headiest varieties on the Raw Garden menu, it’s definitely not for the amateur or novice but its unique notes will keep your stonier customers pleased.

To Learn More About Unicorn Cake Live Sauce by Raw Garden, Click Here

THCa Crystalline by Guild Extracts

Pure THCa Crystalline to me is the absolute cleanest way to dab and no body does crystalline better than Guild Extracts. This bay area based brand is a staple in the Californian market after having been around since the 215 days by offering a variety of high quality extracts that shocked the market when they were released. Their motto “Where Art Meets Science” is 100% accurate and your more discerning connoisseur would appreciate their menu.

To Learn More About THCa Crystalline by Guild Extracts, Click Here

Gorilla Dosha #3 Persy Live Rosin by 710 Labs

This insanely killer extract from one of the best extraction companies in the industry has been featured in several drops this month across SoCal. This insanely mouth watering, ultra-premium extract seperates the legends from the average joes with it’s heavy diesel taste and face smack after hit feeling.

To Learn More About Gorilla Dosha #3 Persy Live Rosin by 710 Labs, Click Here

Vape Pens & Carts
OG Kush by 22Red

22Red was founded by System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian on the simple principle that cannabis is best enjoyed only if it’s the finest strains grown at the highest standard of quality. A true connoisseur from his touring band days he brought that passion for the plant to his brand and it shows both from a quality control perspective. Where 22Red truly shines however, is it’s Indica’s, and their OG Kush cart really holds it’s own against any top tier cart. Church22 is also a solid choice.

To Learn More About OG Kush by 22Red, Click Here

Afghanimal by HVGC

Every so often you get both quality and a good cause merging together under one umbrella. HVGC is one such brand with 100% of all profits going towards funding medical cannabis research. Founded by disabled special operations veterans, HVGC is committed to attacking the opioids and suicide epidemic plaguing our nation’s heroes. Their Afghanimal cart clocks in at 90.0% THC for a punch in the face hit.

To Learn More About Afghanimal by HVGC, Click Here

Forbidden Fruit by Chemistry

Chemistry has some quality strains, and their Uno vaporizer by CCELL with a Forbidden Fruit pod is some of their finest. The Tangie and Cherry Pie cross just melts in your mouth but still maintains its power clocking in at over 70%. Highly recommended for relaxation and creativity, Forbidden Fruit will become your customers next go-to if they want both a mix of flavor while still getting potency.

To Learn More About Forbidden Fruit by Chemistry, Click Here

Gelato by Select Elite Live

What do you get when you mix an industry staple strain for 2020 like Gelato with the quality of Elite Live by Select? You get your next winning vape selection. Clocking in at over 85% normally, Gelato by Select Elite Live has both the brand recognition to make it an easy sale for your budtenders along with having the knowledge that the quality will have your customers coming back for more.

To Learn More About Gelato by Select Elite Live, Click Here

Pink Acai by STIIIZY Gold

The LA based brand has expanded rapidly in the last few years opening up a flagship retail location and expanding their menu of offerings beyond just their traditional vape pods. However, imo while their new offers are great, their pods are still the king. Their Pink Acai is an indescribable flavor, fruity yet earthy while still allowing each note to hit on it’s own merit. While all STIIIZY pods are good, this one is absolutely fantastic.

To Learn More About Pink Acai by STIIIZY Gold, Click Here

Subscription Boxes
Nugg Club

Nugg Club is a one of those cannabis subscription brands that when you first get it you think… wow! With it’s branding being bright and poppy, the service features a ton of incredible curated cannabis products delivered right to your door either monthly or bi-monthly. Inside you are treated to information about each product inside on a bright informational card letting you know a little bit both about the product itself as well as the brands they come from. Not only that, but the box lid doubles as a rolling tray. How great is that?!

To Learn More About Nugg Club, Click Here

The High Society Box by Natural Cannabis Company

Natural Cannabis Company is an amazing group in NorCal that launched a flagship subscription program dedicated to highlighting some of the best brands that represent Californian cannabis. Not only will you get some of the top brands curated monthly, but you also get a discount at Natural Cannabis Company stores!

To Learn More About The High Society Box by Natural Cannabis Company, Click Here

The List by 710 Labs

California staple 710 Labs is absolutely incredible if you are a fan of concentrates and their private member subscription option, The List, gets you access to hand-selected 710 Labs options by Skelly, one of their partners and hash sommelier, delivered directly to your door each month for a minimum of $300. The best part? They keep your concentrates cold using neoprene delivery bags that are thermoprotective when accompanied with ice packs. In other words, your terps are safe.

To Learn More About The List by 710 Labs, Click Here






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