Your Weekly Recap – IRS Insanity & Michigan Mass Closures Of Illegal Shops

The top stories from the past week

The industry has seen some shakey activity from the IRS this week with some troubling news for certain businesses and dominated the news cycle early in the week. Michigan is also cleaning house of its illegal shops, with more than 200 getting the boot in a single day, something other states have been struggling with. In other news, MedMen is marking 5th Avenue in New York City with its first-ever medical marijuana dispensary. Could this be a trend that we see with ironic strips? Some price fluctuations in this weeks price index showed which we give a full breakdown of thanks to Cannabis Benchmarks, and we also gave you a guide on how to help break through the noise with the branding of your business. All this in our weekly recap but this is only a fraction of what we show! Don’t forget to make sure to sign up with our daily mailer to get all of the top information for each day delivered right to your inbox in the morning. Also, check the website daily for a full breakdown of the latest news from around the industry!




IRS Now Denying Cannabis Nonprofits Tax-Exempt Status




Michigan Orders Closure Of 210 Marijuana Shops





Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open On Manhattan’s Iconic Fifth Avenue




Cannabis Benchmarks – Wholesale Price Index For The Week Of April 2nd




Break Through The Noise With Your Cannabis Branding

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