13 Cannabis Products Recalled In Michigan Due To Failed Lab Testing

The reasons for the failures range from chemical residue and moisture to arsenic

Michigan State officials from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs have recalled 13 products due to failing lab testing. The health and safety advisory due to the sale of these marijuana products:

Afghan Kush: 1A4050100000899000000873
(Failed for cadmium and chemical residue.)

ATF: 1A4050100000899000000006 & 1A4050100000899000000917
(Failed for chemical residue)

Chiquita Banana: 1A4050100000899000000871
(Failed for chemical residue)

Flo: 1A4050100000899000000863 & 1A4050100000899000000899
(Failed for moisture content)

Gas Monkey: 1A4050100000899000000835
(Failed for chemical residue)

Green Crack: 1A4050100000899000000804
(Failed for arsenic, chemical residue and moisture content)

Gorilla Grip: 1A4050100000899000000874 & 1A4050100000899000000906 & 1A4050100000899000000908 
(Failed for chemical residue and moisture content)

Kimbo Kush: 1A4050100000899000000875 & 1A4050100000899000000934 & 1A4050100000899000000935
(Failed for chemical residue)

Querkle: 1A4050100000899000000870 & 1A4050100000899000000939 
(Failed for chemical residue)

Sugar Black Rose: 1A4050100000899000000876 & 1A4050100000899000000916
(Failed for arsenic and chemical residue)

Sunset Bubba Kush: 1A4050100000899000000867
(Failed for moisture content)

Sunset Sherbet: 1A4050100000899000000898
(Failed for moisture content)

Wonderdog: 1A4050100000899000000872 & 1A4050100000899000000942
(Failed for chemical residue and moisture content)

All of products were sold between Nov. 14 and Jan. 22 at The Patient Station at 539 South Huron Street in Ypsilanti Township. The Patient Station will be required now to notify any patients or caregivers who purchased the now recalled products.

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