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13 Petrifying Promotions To Run At Your Dispensary This Halloween

In honor of Halloween, we’ve created thirteen ways to get in the spirit

Whether you’re a dispensary owner looking for a clever promotion or a cannabis connoisseur hoping to stay home and watch scary movies, Halloween is an occasion that most people enjoy celebrating. So, in honor of All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve created thirteen devilish deals to get you and your customers in the Halloween spirit.

1. Kick Off Halloween Early

Everyone knows that Halloween is on October 31st; but what they don’t tell you, is that there’s no reason to wait for October 31st to start the party! Draw customers into your store early for added sales by letting them know you’d love to see a preview of their Halloween costume the night before and ensuring them that you’ve got what they’re looking for to make Halloween a great night2.

2. Trick-or-Treat at Your Local Dispensary

Dressing up is undoubtedly the most fun part about Halloween . . . well, besides the candy, of course. Encourage your customers to stop by in costume to receive a discount or freebie with purchase on the way to their Halloween parties.

3. Dress Up as Your Favorite Spooky Strain

With so many Halloween themed strains available (see below), this one is a no-brainer even for beginner zombies. Get the word out that anyone dressed up as their favorite spooky strain will receive a sample of that strain to get them in the Halloween spirit. But brace yourselves; you might encounter more than a few Jack the Rippers and Michael Meyers’.

4. Spend X Amount and Receive a Treat

Offering a gift with purchase or BOGO (buy one, get one) is a sales technique that has been around since the dawn of time — and with good reason! Promotions like this incentivize increased sales and allow your customers to sample new products; and what better time to sample than Halloween? Offer a complimentary “treat” when your customers purchase a pre-set amount.

5. Hold a Witching Hour

People love a good happy hour, but on Halloween, people really love a good Witching Hour. To take full advantage of the promotion, host the Witching Hour during slower times of the day to attract more customers in and to keep the flow of traffic steady throughout the day.

6. Break Your Bad Luck

At some point in life, everyone has felt as though they were experiencing a spurt of bad luck. Show your customers that you’re committed to breaking that bad luck streak by offering a discount.

7. Trick or Tweet

This one is easy – offer a free or discounted “treat” in exchange for your customers sending out a Tweet on your behalf. Whether you decide this Tweet is a photo of what they purchased or just checking in, it expands your brand’s awareness to their following and new, potential customers.

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