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5 Cannabis Social Influencers to Follow in Spring 2018

Influencer marketing is everything in advertising

Spring has finally arrived, and so have some fresh faces to social media news feeds because of cannabis social influencer marketing.

Influencer or social influencer marketing is everything in advertising no matter what your product or service; naturally, if your cannabis business hasn’t been tapping into the power of influencer marketing, you could be missing out.


What are Social Cannabis Influencers?

Cannabis social influencers are cannabis brands’ way to use effective marketing via social media in an industry where it’s easy to fall into a compliance landmine with your marketing. It provides solutions amongst regulations that are full of more don’ts than do’s and it leaves the need for out of the box thinking and creativity to get your brand out there.

Influencers are people, groups, and brands that are active on social media, have many followers, and work to influence people into action rather than merely building awareness. Influencers are the key component to engaging, enticing, informing and moving the customer to purchase something new, try something out, or adopt a certain mindset that they see one of their influencers promote.

With the limitations of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become the place for cannabis brands and their influencers to thrive. The cannabis community is a-blaze on Instagram, where you’ll often see more play out in the lives of cannabis influencers on Instagram than any other platform. With Instagram, the focus is mostly visual, and the platform is designed to engage as the place where hashtags live.

Been flipping through the cannabis community’s Instagram feeds lately? You may recognize some of these fresh cannabis influencers:


The Photographer: @imcannabess

She is charming, smart, and just plain talented. @imcannabess, aka Bess Byers, is a Seattle-based cannabis photographer and digital journalist who defines all things cool. She writes about, photographs, and reviews accessories and strains of cannabis while sharing some of the most stunning photographs of the cannabis plant, self-portraits of her own cannabis journey, and cannabis lifestyle industry at its finest. It’s evident that Byers is opinionated in her quest for legal cannabis, eager to question the roadblocks that exist nationally, and wants to show cannabis in the best light for medical and recreational purposes. Her promotion of various products in brands is tasteful, visually consistent, and makes you want to hit your local dispensary to get a little bit of what she’s smokin’.


The Collaborators: @thecohong

Located in East Oakland, The Cohong is a co-working, multi-use cannabis facility that’s host to one of the best cannabis distribution menus in the state. Led by CEO Scott Bonagofsky, The Cohong hosts microbusinesses, product showcases for dispensary buyers, and the only licence for N2 canning in the state. While these features are impressive in themselves, what makes this facility unique is its focus on a local hiring program in East Oakland, giving community members opportunities to advance and thrive in the legal cannabis, regardless of cannabis experience. This is a hub for cannabis creativity, collaboration, and achieving an important social mission.


The Small Farmers: @emeraldexchange

Emerald Exchange gives you a feeling of coziness, warmth, enjoyment of nature, appreciation of small business, food, and experiences, all surrounding a mutual love for cannabis. In the days of huge cannabis firms and “Walmart weed”, it’s nice to check into @emeraldexchange and be brought back small farms, craft cannabis, family-run businesses, focuses on sustainability, the support of small enterprises, and the wholesome enjoyment of cannabis. It’s truly hard to describe the good feels you’ll get while scrolling through this feed – just go see it for yourself.


The Horticulturalists: @greenbohdi

Green Bodhi is a bit different than the other influencers on this list, simply because they don’t sell anything or aren’t involved in any monetary activities having to do with cannabis. For @greenbodhi, it’s all about the horticulture, and getting down to the very basics of the cannabis plant. Scrolling through this feed makes you appreciate all the individual components of your cannabis plant: the buds, the flowers, the trichomes in such fine detail that you can’t help but want to take a moment to praise the mighty flower. Green bodhi is all about organic growing and bringing the practice of cannabis growing back to how it’s been done for centuries. This feed is perfect for those who are interested in the environmental and sustainability aspects of cannabis.  


The Curators of Knowledge: @420booksociety

It’s a new account, but it’s one to watch as influencer and podcast host @lynathompson_htw brings the importance of research and reading into the cannabis community. With a vision and goal for cannabis education, @420booksociety is giving away important books on cannabis, and featuring different reads about the plant that will get people excited about the growing number of books hitting the shelves of mainstream bookstores about cannabis. Stay tuned to these influencers as they combine education, motherhood, podcasts, and reading and drop some serious knowledge as they develop their brand this spring.


Get into Influencer Marketing

Since Influencer marketing has become a huge thing for the cannabis industry, agencies have risen up that specialize in cannabis influencer marketing to meet the needs of the brands looking to get their name onto the feeds of some of the most noted people in cannabis. These firms have built relationships with cannabis influencers so to be able to connect brands to those who make their living from Instagram product sponsorship and sponsored advertising.

When looking to build your own network of influencers, rely on what you have that makes you unique. Scope out the feeds of those you may be interested, and approach them based on how you see your brand fits into theirs.

Embrace Instagram as the most thriving platform for the cannabis industry in terms of social media, while relying on traditional methods of engaging with your influencers and audience as well, and watch your brand grow when you access some of these fresh faces of cannabis influencer marketing.


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