Industry Insiders Give Their Predictions For How Cannabis Dispensaries Will Evolve

5 executives give their insight

“Cannabis dispensaries are evolving from the smoke shops of yore into clean, modern, and efficient retail spaces that rival an experience you would expect to find at a Starbucks or Apple store. A big change that we see is that rather than having product and budtenders behind the counter, dispensaries are making product more accessible for patients and customers to interact with and the behind-the-counter-budtender is now becoming an on-the-sales-floor, highly trained and knowledgeable wellness professional who can offer real-time guidance and a more individually focused experience. Often times, the modern dispensary is the most aesthetically pleasing business on the block.”  – Mitchell Kulick, Founder and Head of Cannabis Practice at Feuerstein Kulick LLP

“I expect the dispensary experience to change dramatically, particularly in California, where 20 years of legal medical marijuana sales under loose and archaic laws, give way to the 21st-century cannabis era. Gone will be those tiny industrial looking dispensaries that make you feel as if you are visiting an inmate in a local jail, built on a shoestring budget because owners were never certain how long they would be permitted to operate. Those relics will be replaced with professionally designed destination retail stores providing a pleasant buying experience and fostering an environment of exploration. There will be computer terminals for consumers providing personalized product recommendations, along with video demonstrations—enabling more efficiency for store personnel while increasing per ticket transactions increasing sales revenue and leading to higher profitability. Competition will drive innovation.”  – Mike Weiss, Founder and President of Cannacopia

“The future of dispensary consumer experiences will rely heavily on mobility to improve efficiency. Modern technology is already proving to set industry leaders like Harborside apart, but when it is successful it is married with a heart for listening to what the community wants.”  – Krista Whitley, CEO of Altitude Products

“Cannabis dispensaries have made major changes just in the last decade alone; places that used to be akin to head shops now have next level technology and top notch customer care. The industry is only becoming more mature. I hope and believe as legalization continues to move across the country dispensaries will change their ERP technology to become more transparent and compliant with the governing bodies around them.”  – Mike Kramer, Co-Founder and CEO of 420 Blockchain

“Cannabis dispensaries in recreational states will become extremely diligent in the purity and measured dosage of the products they sell. With fines being tied to gross sales and the potential of losing one’s license to operate, the cost of not being diligent is too great. Already in California, dispensaries are avoiding new products that cannot provide lab tests demonstrating that those products are pesticide-free.”  – Robert Fireman, CEO of MariMed Inc.

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