5 Questions With Comedian Geoff Tate

We sat down for a rapid-fire interview with Geoff about his retail cannabis experience

We sat down for a rapid-fire interview asking 5 questions from comedian Geoff Tate about his retail cannabis experience. A Cincinnati-based comedian, Geoff has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and regularly tours with Doug Benson and Doug Stanhope. He made his television debut on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, and is a regular on Doug Loves Movies, as well as Getting Doug with High. He has performed at music and comedy festivals like Bonnaroo, South by Southwest, Limestone and he has two older albums available as well as his newest album, People Are What People Make Em’ available on iTunes.


Marijuana Retail Report:             Being from Cincinnati, and also being a comedian that travels frequently, does it ever amaze you to see the emergence of retail dispensaries and legalized states as opposed to Cincinnati that currently doesn’t have any dispensaries?


Geoff Tate:                   Oh my man, I feel like I’m living in a dream world sometimes. When you go to Portland or Denver or like … I remember being younger, just like trying to imagine what it would be like and I wasn’t even close. First of all there’s a lot more like edible stuff than I anticipated.


Marijuana Retail Report:            You spoke a little bit about edibles in your new album. What are your favorite types of edibles and why?


Geoff Tate:                     I like anything that’s got like a sativa only or sativa dominant strain and I like … I mean I guess I like brownies, I just like brownies in general so… and as far as potency it all depends, it’s all situation based you know? So going to the movies, yeah I had when I talk about it in the album I ate two but if I was going to like just going out, I’d probably just have one. ‘


Marijuana Retail Report:               What are your thoughts on the growing trend of CBD?


Geoff Tate:                      My dads got a lot of pain related health problems and it’s just so absurd the number of pills that the doctors give him. Like each pill comes with two other pills to counteract side effects of the first one. It’s just a nightmare. To have the ability to just get some gummy bears or a brownie and you’ll feel okay? The fact that the government is… what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to do is mess with California and they’re trying to mess with anybody going against the federal criminalization of cannabis. It’s kind of like what Nixon did by putting it on the schedule one list in the first place, is just how do I mess up the lives of the people who don’t like me.


Marijuana Retail Report:             Do you have a favorite retail experience that you can remember and what was that experience like?


Geoff Tate:                      I got to say my favorite retail experience was the first one. It was in like Santa Monica and this was in like 2010? I moved to LA and got a medical card and then just went next door and I just couldn’t believe it, it was like no shit, there was like a house that had a lobby where the dining room would have been and where the kitchen was at was where they would get the weed from and then by the back of the house was just a lounge where people were watching The Big Lebowski. There was also another room on the front side of the house where there was one of the Cheech and Chong movies was on, it was like a little on the nose but in a way where it was like still accurate, like if my parents tried to think up what a weed store would be but using things they’ve heard me say.


Marijuana Retail Report:               So what’s next for you on the circuit?


Geoff Tate:                     I just got done touring a bit and right now i’m just selling the new album and working on some side projects.

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