500 Tons Of Marijuana Was Produced For Sale In Colorado Last Year

Colorado has seen growth in all sectors of the industry year over year

Colorado’s legal marijuana grows produced tons — nearly 500 of them — of cannabis last year. And the state’s cannabis consumers ate, smoked, vaped and dabbed that right up. Colorado’s marijuana shops sold 11.1 million edibles, 411,000 pounds of flower and a sharply increasing amount of marijuana concentrate last year, according to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s 2017 annual report, released Friday.

The latest compilation of full-year data — spanning production, sales, licensing and enforcement — provides a snapshot of the state’s legal cannabis industry, which is quickly advancing into maturity. “I feel that Colorado is the most mature (legal marijuana market in the U.S.),” said Nancy Whiteman, co-founder of Wana Brands, which has a 48 percent market share of the state’s cannabis gummy-edibles sales. “However, I think that we’re still early stage as an industry.”


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