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53+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Cannabis Retail Stores

Designing an effective marketing plan requires planning

Designing an effective marketing plan for your dispensary requires something more than just a strategy, it requires tracking and monitoring the progress of your initiatives. Most businesses often measure success strictly by looking at incoming sales, but you are about to learn why that is a common mistake and how to look at the bigger picture at all your KPI’s, key performance indicators. The following are signs you want to monitor in your dispensaries marketing plan – We are breaking down 53+ KPI’s into seven main categories: website, Google, social media, paid, email, reputation, and finance.

Unique Site Visits

How many potential customers are discovering your dispensary website for the first time? By increasing your unique visits, you are increasing your brand visibility and growing your potential customer base.

Organic Traffic

We’ve stressed the importance of optimizing your SEO strategy for this reason – organic traffic. Your organic traffic is users who find their way to your website through unpaid search results.

Mobile Traffic

Is your website optimized for your customer’s mobile device? We’ve taught you how to do this in our mobile optimization guide50% of mobile visits convert to in-store visits, so it’s important to track this metric for your dispensary.

Local Keyword Rankings

We’ve spoken in-depth about how important it is to dial in your keyword research and specifically how to do so for local search. If optimized correctly, your dispensary site will rank high organically on user search results leading to more impressions and therefore, more visitors to your website.

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