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A Quick Start Guide To Metrc For Cannabis Retailers In California

Getting ready for METRC should be your number one priority

As a newly licensed cannabis retailer in California, you likely have some questions or concerns about getting started with Metrc — the state’s chosen cannabis track-and-trace, a.k.a. traceability system.

Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. As a Metrc-validated, fully integrated cannabis retail software provider, we here at Cova have helped hundreds of California dispensary owners successfully integrate with Metrc since the program’s launch.

To help you better understand exactly what’s required to get you up, running, and compliant as quickly as possible, we’ve put together this quick start guide along with answers to the most common FAQs we hear from California retailers.

California Cannabis Retailer Metrc Quick Start Guide

To get started with Metrc after submitting your California cannabis retail license application, you will need to:

  • Register for and complete the required Metrc account manager training.
  • Request unique identifier (UID) tags for any inventory that has not already been tagged by the cultivator or processor.
  • Send your API key and license number to your POS provider.
  • Apply the UID tags to your inventory.
  • Log into Metrc to confirm tag assignments and set up all products.
  • Log into your POS to receive newly tagged inventory.

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