ACLU Settles Lawsuit Against RI Town Over Medical Marijuana Ordinance

The settlement is viewed as a victory for medical cannabis patients

The American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island says it has settled a lawsuit filed against the town of Smithfield over a local ordinance that limited the amount of medical marijuana a resident could grow or possess.

The ACLU said Tuesday the town’s restrictions were contrary to regulations already in place under the state’s medical marijuana law and sought to impose burdens on patients’ access to treatment.

The ACLU says under the settlement, the town has agreed to repeal the ordinance and pay $30,000 in attorneys’ fees. Smithfield’s town solicitor says the town will pass a new ordinance consistent with state law later.

A judge in September 2017 issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the ordinance. Efforts to resolve the case stalled until a new Town Council was elected.

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