Alabama Gov. Ivey signs CARE Act Into Law

Through the CARE act, Carly’s Law has been extended

Governor Kay Ivey has signed a bill creating a commission to study medical marijuana. The CARE Act commission will look into the future of medical marijuana use in Alabama. CBS 42 Reporter Malique Rankin has been tracking the bill, and what’s next for Carly’s Law.

Through the CARE act, Carly’s Law is extended; it allows the University of Alabama Birmingham to continue its research on the use of CBD oil as a treatment for debilitating epileptic conditions. Dustin Chandler’s daughter is the inspiration behind the bill. 

“Carly, she’s 8 years old. She suffers from CDKL5 epileptic deficiency disorder,” Chandler said. “She’s doing pretty good now, so we contribute a lot of that to the CBD oil that she’s had and really that’s why I’m here talking to you about the medical cannabis legislation.” 

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