Alternative Therapies Group In MA Claims It Ran Out Of Cannabis, The CCC Says That’s Untrue

The problem seems to originate from a data entry issue

*Correction – An earlier version of this story accidentally stated the BCC claimed it was untrue, this was a typo it was the CCC*

Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steve Hoffman is not happy and wants to set the record straight. “It’s not a physical inventory issue. It’s literally a recording issue, and it’s a data-entry issue,”  he said speaking to the press on Thursday after the CCC’s meeting. “I’m not going to get into who said what to whom, but the data was not entered correctly. I think it is easily fixable.”

Alternative Therapies Group in Salem Massachusetts, shuttered its doors to recreational sales on Wed after claiming that it was “out of” flower for sale the day prior. Alternative Therapies Group originally claimed METRC, the state seed to sale system, had a technical glitch. Alternative Therapies, at the time, stated its data had been “corrupted in the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system” and later iterated that the commission was working to fix it.

However that appeared not to be the case, as Hoffman clarified what actually happened was a problem with data entry, not a problem with the METRC platform itself.

“This is not a Metrc issue. Metrc works,” he said. “This was a data-entry issue.”

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