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– An Important Announcement From The Editor In Chief Of MRR –

Please read this very important statement regarding the MRR brand

Today the cannabis industry is exploding with growth like never before. Ten states, plus Washington D.C, have legalized recreational cannabis and thirty-three have legalized it’s medicinal use. As this green rush sweeps the nation, CHAMPS Trade Shows, having already lead the B2B counter culture trade show industry for 20 years, is now striving to serve the needs of the medical and recreational retail cannabis industry through its new Dispensary+ section at its landmark events around the country.

As part of that need, last year, CHAMPS Trade Shows fully acquired Marijuana Retail Report (MRR), a leading media outlet that covers the business and news of the cannabis industry. Since the acquisition, CHAMPS Trade Shows has been rapidly building it’s media division with the goal of creating a synergistic look, feel, and message across all of the CHAMPS media brands.

With that, we are proud to announce that MRR will be changing its name to CHAMPS Dispensary+ (www.CHAMPSDispensaryPlus.com) in just a few short days. At CHAMPS Dispensary+, you’ll find the same great cannabis news including updates on legalization policies around the country, business profiles, and in depth interviews with market leaders and taste makers as you always have, just with a more unified branding behind it.

In order to also address issues of email fatigue, we will be switching our organization from a daily mailer, to a weekly one. This is to ensure you only get emailed the most important news of the week, though daily updates to the site will still occur.

So when will this change occur? The official switch will take place during Day 1 at CHAMPS Winter Show in Las Vegas on Wed. Feb 27th 2019. You will still be able to access the www.MarijuanaRetailReport.com website as before, but will simply be redirected to the new branded property. 

If you’re a brand in the cannabis industry, CHAMPS Dispensary+ also offers a powerful advertising platform to showcase your company.

Make sure to check in with CHAMPS Dispensary+ and all of the other CHAMPS Media platforms to boost your business:


A website dedicated to those selling the cannabis lifestyle. Bringing you the latest and greatest in the smoke shop world. 


A website dedicated to the industrial hemp derived cannabidiol product retailer. Bringing you the latest in news from around the industry.

We here at CHAMPS hope you will enjoy all of the new and exciting things we have lined up for you in 2019, and we look forward to serving you the latest and greatest in cannabis industry news and interviews from around the world.

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