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Appealing To The Fitness Community In Your Cannabis Dispensary

Medical marijuana and athleticism are starting to trend together

Cannabis and fitness are becoming united in exciting ways, with the World Anti Doping Agency lifting their prohibition on CBD, more athletes coming out in support of medical cannabis for pain and inflammation, and activities like cannabis yoga becoming an actually popular thing.

Fitness enthusiasts are turning to cannabis, and different cannabis strains, to find certain effects that help with their pre-, during- or post- workout routines.

If your cannabis dispensary makes the effort to show you see the connection between cannabis and fitness as well, you could be finding yourself a very big niche market of people who love cannabis for physical health.

Here are some tips for appealing to the fitness community in the cannabis dispensary:

Show Different Methods of Consumption

Athletes don’t necessarily want to be ripping a giant bong before they go on a 10-mile run, nor do people going to the gym want to smoke a pipe, or even a vaporizer, before they work out. Showcase the different options for cannabis ingestion for athletes like tinctures, mints, or infused slips that you place under your tongue.

Highlight Strains for Different Fitness Activities

People who are into yoga will likely prefer a calming CBD rich indica strain with anxiety reducing properties like Harlequin or AC/DC. On the other hand, people wanting an energetic workout would benefit from a sativa dominant strain like Super Lemon Haze. Do a special promotion where you highlight specific strains for specific fitness purposes. Fitness enthusiasts may be surprised to see that their regular fitness activity has been matched up with a cannabis strain, and may be moved to try it out.

Show Topicals for Fitness Purposes

Topicals are all the rage amongst the fitness community, especially because of the powerful effects that they can have on pain and muscular issues, similar to oral prescriptions or other pharmaceutical interventions. Showcase various cannabis oils and recipes for DIY cannabis topicals, balms, creams, salves, or ointments, or offer various market best-sellers and topicals athletes are talking about.

Build Community Around Cannabis Fitness

Depending on your space and the consumption rules in your municipality, the fitness community will be drawn to a cannabis education event specifically carved out for them. Have a budtender demonstrate some of the various products on the market, and show them via demos or through trying products when in the workout process they are best utilized. Go the extra mile and co-sponsor a fitness event where it would fit, for instance, cannabis yoga with a local yoga studio.

Embrace Microdosing

Using particular cannabis products that contain 10mg or less of THC regularly throughout the day is what people are calling microdosing, and it’s become very popular within the fitness community. Showcase products like low-dose tinctures, pre-dosed vaporizers, cannabis edibles, or cannabis oils that will allow the fitness enthusiast to subtly enjoy the benefits of cannabis and CBD without the powerful high.

Get a Fitness or Athletic Celebrity Endorsement

The exciting thing about this time is that athletes and fitness enthusiasts are coming out in droves in support of cannabis for fitness and athletes. Athletes like Ross Rebegliati, who was once scored for his cannabis use during the 1998 Olympics, and Nate Diaz, MMA fighter who brought light to hemp-CBD in the public sphere are all emerging proudly in support of cannabis. Do your research and find athletes in your area who are willing to explore an endorsement, partnership, or event that will allow you to align their face with your products in store.

Celebrate Cannabis Infusions for the Nutrition Conscious

Use ideas from the internet, or your own in-store ideas to present recipe ideas for those who are nutrition-conscious but love cannabis edibles. Demonstrate how to make cannabis oil, cannamilk, or infused coconut oil for adding to morning smoothies. Show some recipes for mixing vegetables, low-fat cannabis oil, and spices for a healthy-infused lunch or dinner. If you show your cannabis retail customers how to use certain cannabis products within your store, especially in ways that will benefit their nutrition and overall health, they’ll be more apt to buy when they can see the direct appeal.

Train the Trainer

Advertise cannabis education materials for personal trainers and those involved in the fitness community. Since they are in teaching positions, they are an excellent way to get messages out about cannabis to captive audiences. Train the trainer with cannabis information specific to their area of focus.

Explore the Niche of Fitness

Now is the time for cannabis dispensaries to show the fitness community what they have to offer. With so many athletes publicly emerging in support of cannabis for fitness, retailers will benefit from the momentum that is being built for exploring higher fitness.

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