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Are You Making These On-Site SEO Mistakes?

In an increasingly digital world make sure your dispensary site is in top shape

If you’re adding content to your website, whether it’s blog posts or new pages, you need to be sure that you’re optimizing every addition in order to score the SEO benefits.

Doing so can help boost your site’s visibility in search by improving your Google ranking. And with most of the clicks going to the top three search results, this could mean more new customers.

If you fail to optimize, your hard work may go unnoticed by both website visitors and Google.

Check for these SEO mistakes and fix them as soon as possible.

SEO Mistakes: Title and Meta Tag Errors

According to a recent study, missing titles and meta tags is the number one of SEO mistakes.

Thankfully, this is very easy to fix!

If you’re creating a blog post in WordPress, make sure that you’ve entered a title for your post at the top and that it’s set as an H1 (heading 1). If you have Yoast SEO installed (which we recommend), scroll down to the bottom below your post and check that you have an appropriate SEO title, slug, and meta description that includes your keyword.

If you’re creating a page in WordPress, the process is similar although your page title will likely be different from your H1.

Additional title and meta tag errors include:

  • Using H1 on a page or post more than once
  • Having duplicate titles or descriptions on multiple pages
  • Title is too long or too short
  • Description too short or too long

These errors are easy to check for and to fix. Yoast checks the length of your SEO title and meta description and will give you an error if you use more than one H1 code. To remedy duplicate titles or descriptions, be mindful not to directly copy from one page to another. If you’re aware of your site architecture, you can create original titles for each of your pages and posts and avoid duplicates.

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