As Las Vegas Concedes On Cannabis Lounges, Dispensaries Are Still Playing The Waiting Game

Las Vegas still sits in limbo as it concerns cannabis consumption lounges

Two months ago, former Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani warned that the city of Las Vegas might have overstepped its authority by crafting legislation to allow marijuana consumption lounges.

“My question still as a city resident is I don’t know where their authority comes from,” Giunchigliani said after the city council approved a consumption lounge ordinance May 1. “None of the other jurisdictions have moved forward because they need consumption law to occur.”

It appears that Giunchigliani was right.

In response to the passage of Assembly Bill 533 in June, Las Vegas has officially put on hold the process to open marijuana consumption lounges, sometimes referred to as marijuana social-use venues, spokesperson Jace Radke said. Las Vegas would have been the first city in Nevada — and one of the first nationally — to host consumption lounges.

AB533 creates the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board, a five-member body modeled after the Gaming Control Board that will regulate Nevada’s cannabis industry. An amendment to AB533 proposed May 28 and signed into law June 12 prohibits local governments from licensing businesses that permit marijuana consumption on their premises — to the surprise of many in the marijuana industry.

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