B.C. Government Bans Promoting Cannabis In Licensed Establishments

The ban includes restaurants and bars along with special events now

The B.C. government has banned advertising and anything else that could be construed as promoting cannabis in licensed establishments. That includes restaurants as well as bars, and it is in effect for events that have special permits. 

“In keeping with the province’s public health messaging about the dangers of cannabis and alcohol co-use, this new policy prohibits the promotion of cannabis on any liquor-licensed premises and at events held under a special event permit,” the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) said in a policy directive that Business in Vancouver obtained. 

The letter was sent to all LCRB staff, licensees, industry associations, local governments, First Nations and police agencies.

“In accordance with section 15(1)(b) of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, this prohibition is now in the terms and conditions of the special event permit, as well as the following licence types:

  • Catering
  • Food Primary
  • Liquor Primary
  • Manufacturer
  • Licensed Retail Store
  • U-Brew and U-Vin
  • Wine Store and Special Wine Store”

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