OR Based Grown Rogue Introduces Nitrogen Sealed Pre-Roll Tube

“Quality you can hear”

Medford, OR — Grown Rogue – the premier Cannabis company in Southern Oregon – announced on January 5, 2018 the release of the only nitrogen sealed pre-roll – guaranteeing freshness. Obie Strickler, Founder and CEO, explains that this is “Quality you can Hear.” Interested parties can point their browser to the Grown Rogue Web site to watch a video of Strickler demonstrating the freshness sound in action or watch the video above.

The only way to ensure that cannabis is packaged for retail void of any oxygen is to hermetically seal the container. The process of nitrogen-sealing has been used extensively for years to package foods around the world, preserving freshness and allowing for longer transport and extended shelf life. Grown Rogue was one of the first producers to nitrogen seal Cannabis flower packs that are sold exclusively to partner dispensaries throughout Oregon. It was a natural evolution to extend this level of freshness to all products, beginning with pre-roll containers. “What better way to provide the best pre-rolls the market has ever seen than by sealing them in nitrogen preserved containers just like we do with all of our flower products,” Strickler added.

Grown Rogue was founded in 2016 to bring innovation, community, and scientific best practices to the recreational cannabis industry in Oregon. Grown Rogue is building on a successful track record of 10 years in the medical cannabis sector. The family owned business has grown quickly with 2 operational outdoor farms and a 17,000 square foot indoor facility that went online in October 2017. Grown Rogue is integrated in the Southern Oregon community but plans to expand nationally in 2018.

“It’s a significant extra step to nitrogen seal our pre-rolls, but it’s the level of quality and innovation that drives everything we do at Grown Rogue – to provide the absolute best experience for the consumer,” Strickler explains.

About Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue (GR) is a fully licensed, seed to sale, cannabis company. GR operates approximately 100,000 square feet of cultivation facilities with an emphasis on product quality from the original genetic selection to the final consumer products. Our team has over 50 years of combined cannabis expertise with significant operational history through the asset purchase of a former medical marijuana operator who provided quality medicine to Oregon patients for 10 years. Grown Rogue’s goal is to bring a professional and sustainable business model to the industry coupling the historical track record of cannabis success with extensive private sector experience in natural resources, technology, finance, and marketing. To learn more about the premier cannabis company in Oregon, please visit us at

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