Black Friday Beats Cyber Monday For Dispensary Shoppers

Black Friday will now get named Green Friday since it broke records

Cyber Monday may have become the biggest shopping day for traditional retail, but bricks continue to rule the day for the cannabis industry. Cannabis software company Baker tallied up its sales results for the past holiday weekend and Black Friday was the big winner. Sales did rise for Cyber Monday, but it came in third place when compared to Wednesday and Friday. Cart values rose 11% for Cyber Monday for the dispensaries that Baker works with as order volume increased 746% versus a typical Monday. “Almost every single dispensary client of ours across 15 states ran a promotion yesterday around Cyber Monday and customers responded extremely well to it,” said Baker CEO Joel Milton. “We even had clients launch online ordering in the last few weeks to prepare for this past weekend and they saw instant returns!”

Green Wednesday or Weed Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) is still a big trigger for sales and came in second place. Milton noted that last year Baker talked about how people geared up for the holidays with cannabis and the data proves this trend is still ongoing. “We saw online orders rise 774% from our dispensaries with the order sizes and average carts, up 13.6% compared with a typical Wednesday,” he said. However, Black Friday will now get named Green Friday since it seemed to come out on top and broke records. The average online cart was a whopping $105 with double-digit growth. Baker saw a 568% increase in orders over a typical Friday, the busiest day of a standard week.  Almost every dispensary from its 700+ clients ran a Green Friday promotion, on par with general retail “Black Friday” sales, and the promotions brought cart sizes way up.

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