Border Patrol Keeps Seizing Legal Cannabis Far From Border In California

Cannabis is legal in 11 US states, and medical marijuana is legal in 35

Federal marijuana prohibition is costing state-legal cannabis companies millions of dollars, as Border Patrol units have ramped up their harassment of state-legal commerce in California this summer.

On July 1, officials at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs (Infinite CAL), a state-licensed San Diego cannabis lab, went public with their complaints of federal harassment after Border Patrol agents seized the lab’s legal hemp samples at an immigration checkpoint many miles from the border. Infinite CAL’s driver was stopped, searched, and threatened with arrest. Josh Swider, Infinite CAL director, told Leafly it was their fourth Border Patrol seizure since March.

“They’ve intimidated my employees and cost me a lot of money,” Swider said.

Infinite CAL has learned what immigration law experts have been noting for years: People and companies are getting chewed up in the conflict between federal and state laws at the border.

Cannabis is legal in 11 US states, and medical marijuana is legal in 35. Canada has full federal legalization. Meanwhile, the US government deems weed equivalent to heroin and treats it accordingly.

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