Botanic Lab To Offer ‘CBD On Demand” By Partnering With Deliveroo

It marks the first partnership of it’s kind

From today (4 September), on-demand drinks delivery service Deliveroo will offer Botanic Lab’s CBD soft drink, Dutch Courage, via the new ‘Dispensary’ platform.

The drink contains 5mg of “full-spectrum” cannabidiol (CBD) per 250ml serving. CBD is the non-psychoactive component found in cannabis.

In addition to hemp CBD extract, Dutch Courage contains sour cherry and hibiscus botanicals, and is free from refined sugars, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. It is available via Deliveroo as a single 250ml can or as a four- and eight-can multipack.

Botanic Lab founder and CEO Rebekah Hall said: “Last year we launched a ground-breaking drink incorporating one of the most talked about and culturally significant ingredients of all time – the UK’s first CBD drink Dutch Courage.

“Today Deliveroo will innovate in the market once again creating the first CBD on-demand service, delivering our industry-shaping drink to the consumer in under 45 minutes.”

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