Boulder Considers Greenlighting Promotional Giveaways For Cannabusinesses

That is among 19 other proposed changes to the system

Boulder City Council is currently considering 19 changes to its marijuana regulations.  The majority of these are minor changes, but there is one in particular that has the potential to make a major impact: removing restrictions on giving away promotional materials.  Up until now, this act has been banned in an effort to prevent marijuana businesses from marketing their products to persons who are underage.

Overall, the proposed changes have garnered support, with the Boulder Marijuana Advisory Panel standing behind them.  This panel is made up of educators, public health advocates, and those in the cannabis industry.

The proposed change regarding promotional material will still have limitations in place should the council approve it.  The primary limitation will be that promotional items that are given away must have a secondary purpose beyond promotion.  A pen with business information would be allowed; a sticker or poster would not.  It will remain illegal for cannabusinesses to offer products for free or at a price that is significantly below market value.

In addition to this change, other proposed alterations include permitting businesses to post hours of operations on their signs, requiring phones on the premises of cannabusinesses for calling police, giving businesses the option to package products using machines, and allowing police to issue tickets if they smell marijuana odor outside of an illegal grow.


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