Breaking Down California’s Compliance

The reality is, the State has done a terrible job

January 1, 2018… the date everyone in the industry was waiting and waiting and waiting on has become somewhat of the boogie man. Not everyone understands it. How does it look? How does it feel? What does it mean for me and my business? For the purpose of our discussion, January 1 should be interpreted as the date your business enters into the state-regulated market.

The reality is, the State has done a terrible job at ushering in these changes. In their defense, it’s not entirely their fault. The progression from the calculated march to regulation under MCRSA, to what we are experiencing now, was due to the voters of this great State of California passing an adult use initiative. With the clock ticking, the governor’s office took it upon themselves to merge the medical regulations created by the legislature and the adult use initiative of the people. The MCRSA and the AUMA joined under unholy matrimony and their offspring was born, MAUCRSA. What did that mean for cannabis operators? We lost our chance at proper feedback before the start of the state program. We have been forced to comply with emergency regulations with only weeks to prepare for them, with the latest tax notice published as late as December 11th. Only the most progressive jurisdictions have been able to keep up with the changing regulations. We have heard stories from across the state ranging from outright bans on all things adult use (thanks, league of cities, happy holidays to you, too) to Palm Springs (yes, they were first) leading the adult use regulations months before MAUCRSA was finalized.

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