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Building A Better Cannabis Brand

Brand building is an integral part of giving your cannabusiness an identity

Something every entrepreneur in the cannabis industry goes through when planning the initial details of their company is figuring out how to best build their own brand. Brand building is an integral part of giving your cannabusiness an identity and a recognizable voice that cuts through a crowded market to reach cannabis consumers and connoisseurs. The way you choose to build your brand influences what your customers think and how they feel about your company or product. Successfully building a brand from the ground up is a challenge, but it’s ultimately worth it to craft a unique customer experience that keeps cannabis consumers coming back for more.

Vivid Visuals

One of the first aspects of your brand that customers will notice is the visual design properties of your product(s) or company. Great visuals and a well-developed aesthetic can make or break a company in the cannabis industry, and it’s important to catch customers’ eyes and make a good first impression. First, it’s imperative that you develop a standout logo. While the legal cannabis industry is still young, the market is expanding exponentially as more and more brands enter the space. Be sure to craft an eye-catching logo to stand out from the crowd and help your brand outpace competitors’. It’s best to use images and colors that reflect your brand’s identity and values, but be sure to keep the look clean and simple. Some things that make a good logo are complimentary colors that still stand out from each other, and staying away from traditional “stoner” imagery while conveying your company’s intended message. Taking time to plan a logo that attracts attention can help increase sales and spread visibility and awareness of your company among cannabis consumers. After designing a logo, craft a complimentary style guide that your company will use in all its other marketing and promotion. Consistency and cohesion are vital, so be sure to use the same colors and fonts throughout your style guide. Plan what your visual components will look like for various mediums, such as online or print.

Creating A Voice

In order to gain exposure for your brand, you must use a unique voice when representing and promoting your company or product. Developing a voice for your brand is an important part of cementing your cannabusiness’s personality and identity into the public’s consciousness. Establishing patterns in your communication style helps your marketing and advertising be quickly and easily attributable to your company.  There are many easy, low-cost ways to create a voice for your cannabusiness online, such as blogging or creating content for your website, tweeting, boosting Facebook ads, and connecting on LinkedIn. Loyal customers and fans of your brand can help develop your voice and online presence by interacting and commenting on posts, to which you or your brand can then respond to start a dialogue. Inviting your customers to help develop your brand’s voice allows them to better relate to your brand, and makes them want to engage and participate in the process of establishing your online presence. The goal of developing a strong and recognizable voice in the marketplace is to motivate people to engage with your brand and associate that specific voice with your cannabusiness in the future.

Designing Compliant Packaging & Advertising Campaigns

For cannabis products and goods, legally compliant packaging is crucial. It’s imperative that you closely study all your local and state jurisdictions’ rules and regulations regarding packaging, labeling, and advertising. Failure to do so may mean you unknowingly design illegal packaging for your cannabis products, which can result in fines or even the revocation of your business license in extreme cases. Many state-level cannabis regulations regarding labeling and packaging have very specific requirements, such as mandating child-resistant packages or child-proof containers to hold cannabis or other cannabis products. Oftentimes, something as seemingly inconsequential as font size is even regulated. Some states also mandate that your cannabis product’s container has to be fully light-proof, if not completely opaque so that the product inside cannot be viewed from the outside. Double check and triple check the rules in your area before printing any of your packaging, because catching a mistake afterward can mean thousands of dollars lost to re-printing costs. When advertising your brand to your audience and customers, you must also be sure to follow your jurisdiction’s regulations and prohibitions on advertising. In Colorado, a business owner must have reasonable and reliable evidence that under 30% of the audience for an ad is not a minor. In other words, for recreational cannabis advertisements there, over 70% of the target audience must be over 21 since that is the minimum legal purchase age. Some municipalities are allowed to ban any type of advertising or promotion of cannabis whatsoever. The process of creating your cannabusiness’s unique brand can be a fun process, yet it can still be challenging at times. It’s important to spend time educating yourself and reading up on your local cannabis rules before diving right into creating your brand’s personality from the ground up. With great visuals, a consistent voice in the legal cannabis marketplace, and proper steps to ensure legal compliance, your company can successfully establish a well-known brand in this already-crowded marketplace.

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