California Cannabis Company Caliva Is Poaching Über Drivers And Executives

They recently recruited approximately 200 workers

California Bay Area Cannabis Company Caliva recently gave early Christmas presents to some hard-working people in the car service industry, in the form of new, full-time jobs with decent benefits. Car service drivers employed by Über and Lyft in particular, are stretched this during the holiday season. Ferrying tourists, and those who are homeward bound, sometimes means that they are behind the wheel over 14 hours per day. Über drivers’ complaints of long hours, low pay and hard work have been in the news repeatedly.

State regulations require Cannabis companies in California to hire drivers as either part-time or full-time employees, which gives these gig economy workers more stable income. They cannot be employed as 1099 contract workers. Caliva recently recruited approximately 200 workers in the gig economy via Über and DoorDash and hired them as full-time employees, complete with 401k plans and healthcare benefits. The new hires were implemented to fulfill thousands of on-demand Caliva and Eaze delivery orders.

Caliva CEO Dennis O’Malley explained his decision to hire full-time drivers and treat them appropriately.”While we are required to treat our new hires as employees, the company decided to include ten days of paid vacation time, paid holidays, paid medical, and 401k plans. As a company philosophy, it just makes sense to treat our workers with respect.”


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