California Governor Plans To Send National Guard To Bust Illicit Cannabis Farms

He has vowed to end cartel ran grows in the state

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed Tuesday to crack down on cartel-grown cannabis despite questions about the scope of influence Mexican drug rings are having on the nation’s top cannabis producing state.

Newsom said during his State of the State address that he’s pulling 360 of the state’s National Guard troops from President Donald Trump’s border security deployment, which the governor described as part of a “manufactured crisis.”

He is directing more than a third of these troops to help target illicit cannabis cultivators in Northern California.

The troops will be “redeploying up north to go after all these illegal cannabis farms, many of which are run by the cartels that are devastating our pristine forests and increasingly themselves becoming fire hazards,” Newsom said.

While many in California’s legal cannabis industry – recreational sales began in 2018 – have been clamoring for enforcement against rogue operators, some experts question any blaming of cartels for much of the state’s illicit cannabis output.

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