California Pot Farms Dealing With Fires & Blackouts Get Tax Relief

Harvest season and fire season seem to be synonymous in Northern California

For the past few years, “harvest season” has too quickly morphed into “fire season” in Northern California. This year has been no exception, as some of the world’s best cannabis growers have faced evacuations from a huge fire in Sonoma County and days-long blackouts as the region’s largest electricity provider PG&E shut off power to prevent downed power lines sparking another fire.

However, in light of the fires and blackouts that have impacted California this year, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration will provide some relief to cannabis farmers across the state caught up in the events. Because Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency across the entire state, business owners across California are eligible to receive “the extension of tax return due dates, relief of penalty and interest, or replacement copies of records lost due to disasters.”

For places like Mendocino County, where fires now seem to rage annually, this is the fifth time since 2017 that CDTFA has provided such relief. Thirty-two other special tax categories in addition to cannabis will also see relief.

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