California’s $635M In Cannabis Taxes—Where Is It Going?

Prop 64 funds are helping tens of thousands of Californians young and old

Brand new parks. Healthier, smarter kids. Forests cleaned up. Drugged drivers off the road. Criminal records cleared.

Those are just a few of cannabis legalization Proposition 64’s impacts after two years of commercial sales.

Passed in 2016, Prop 64 earmarks all cannabis tax revenue—less regulatory costs—for public health, the environment, and public safety. On Jan. 14, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced cannabis tax revenue social allocations totaling $332.8 million for the coming fiscal year 2020-2021.

While Colorado is known for its generous cannabis tax scholarships, California’s social revenue has eclipsed Colorado with no such narrative emerging.

We did the reporting, and it’s fairly easy to see why no one gets the full picture of Prop 64. The picture is as massive as California. Leafly had to track the data across about a dozen state agencies, and even more local ones.

Prop 64 funds are helping tens of thousands of Californians young and old out there right now. Just one Prop 64 Go-Biz grant is bigger than Colorado’s entire legalization benefits narrative.

It’s time the beneficiaries, taxpayers, and critics of Prop 64 alike share the same picture. Let’s take look.

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