Canada Could Fully Ban Cannabis Marketing & Branding

A final vote on the bill comes June 7th

Senators studying The Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, adopted an amendment Friday to prevent “brand stretching,” which Conservative Sen. Judith Seidman warned was a loophole in the law that would allow cannabis companies “to market to our kids by stealth.”

The bill bans virtually all promotion and marketing of marijuana. However, there was an exception that allowed companies to brand items that aren’t related to cannabis. The Senate amendment removes that exception.

Marijuana companies already have their logos on T-shirts, backpacks and iPhone cases, said Seidman, who proposed the amendment. “To think these products won’t develop a cachet among teenagers is delusional,” she said in written remarks.

“We are all too familiar with the marketing techniques used by alcohol and tobacco companies to maximize consumption of their products — and consequently their profits,” Seidman said. “We have every indication that the Canadian cannabis industry will be no different.”


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