Cannabis Brand Cut & Dry Enters the Market as a Disruptor on Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Cut & Dry is one of the most creative-forward brands on the market

LA-based cannabis brand Cut & Dry has launched their first product line of flower with the brand promise of premium quality at an affordable price. Founders of Cut & Dry are experienced cultivators who partner with vetted farmers to bring the best quality cannabis to market without the high costs. The brand will attract you with good branding, fight for you with keystone pricing, fight for you with curation and quality, and give it to you at an affordable price point. The brand name is no accident – they want to make buying cannabis cut and dry.

Premium quality products

The brand has launched their first products, 1/8th flower that highlights and enhances life’s daily experiences – Work, Play, and Rest. Flower is sourced from Southern California farms that only grow premium, unadulterated genetics. In keeping with the Cut & Dry brand, the flower is packaged in straightforward, resealable mylar bags. Among the products, “Work” is Sativa-dominant strains designed to increase productivity and creativity.  “Rest” is Indica-dominant strains to bring on feelings of relaxation and calmness. For those who need a bit of energy and uplifting, “Play” is the opportunity to choose your own adventure between Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant strains.

Cut & Dry will launch pre-rolls and pens later this year. In keeping with their brand mantra, these products will be premium quality, yet affordable and accessible to everyone. The products and packaging are everything you’d expect from a premium cannabis brand.

Affordable pricing

Cut & Dry wants to be the market disruptor on pricing by pushing the industry towards keystone pricing. The brand’s founders want to know why customers should have to drive across town to get premium quality for an affordable price – shouldn’t the same product be the same price everywhere? Let’s face it, a Twix candy bar is the same price everywhere, so why shouldn’t cannabis be the same way with standardized pricing from dispensary to dispensary.

Keystone pricing follows a traditional business model and just makes sense. Cut & Dry products are based on being disruptive, to give customers the best quality at the best price.

Creativity and comedy embody the brand

Cut & Dry is one of the most creative-forward brands on the market. To fully embrace the brand’s edgy, free-spirited vibe, the team is stacked with creatives from different genres who all embody the cannabis lifestyle. “We’re always going to elevate everything we’re handed. We’re a straightforward cannabis line who just wants to skip the bullshit and focus on branding and price point.”

The brand sponsors the “Cut & Dry Comedy Show” hosted by Abdullah Saeed and Joesh Savage at El Cid (formerly known as The S.H.I.T. Show), which has been described as edgy comedy for cannabis enthusiasts. The brand also sponsors “Glazed,” the comedy show of Emmy-nominated comedian and weed podcaster Mike Glazer at the Hollywood Improv.

Cannabis is synonymous with comedy. Sponsoring an event that merges the two is a no brainer for us.

Where to find it

Cut & Dry aims to be a consistent product in retail and delivery locations throughout Southern California. 

Learn more about the brand at

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