Cannabis Cafe Bill In Oregon Went Up In Smoke

The proposal died after lawmakers pushed to move other priorities forward

Hundreds of proposed bills in the Oregon Legislature died after lawmakers pushed to move other legislative priorities in advance of a key deadline.

Brandon Goldner, supervisor of Portland’s Cannabis Program, argued that the legalization of indoor cannabis lounges would provide a safe, regulated space for users to consume the drug. He said that tourists often visit Oregon to purchase recreational marijuana, but find they have no place to consume it.

Parents and public health officials raised concerns that cannabis cafes would normalize use among teens and weakened the state’s public health laws.

The proposal also would have allowed for the sale and consumption of cannabis at festivals and other events, something cannabis retailers claimed would generate more tax revenue and tourism for the state.

A representative for Sen. Lew Frederick, who sponsored the measure, said the bill died “seemingly because of opposition to the use of Cannabis itself among members.”

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