Cannabis Imports Grow Ss U.S. Stalls On Medical Research

The DEA said in August that it would propose new regulations

One of the top advocates for allowing U.S. companies to grow cannabis for research purposes has imported a batch from the Netherlands, saying he had no choice because of the lack of progress at home.

California-based Biopharmaceutical Research Co., founded by former Navy SEAL George Hodgin, legally imported a small quantity of marijuana from Bedrocan International last month to use for scientific analysis with the goal of better understanding the plant.

“As someone who fought for this country it saddens me that Americans aren’t the ones producing the cannabis materials that we are researching,” Hodgin said in an interview.

Canadian-grown cannabis has also been imported into the U.S. for research purposes. Tilray Inc., for example, has brought in pot for clinical trials at the University of California San Diego, New York University and Columbia University.

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