Cannabis Retail Shops Are Scrambling To Open On Time Across Ontario Canada

It’s proving to be tremendously complicated

Would-be cannabis shop owners in Ontario have just a few weeks left to pass through intense regulatory hoops if they hope to be selling marijuana by April.

Most likely some of them will be unable to open in time to meet the government deadline, industry insiders say. With just a month and a half to go, only eight proposed shops across the province have submitted their retail store applications.

What many had thought would be a chance to make a quick buck reselling one of Ontario’s first 25 pot shop licenses is turning out to be a nightmare of red tape and regulation. “That was a perception that was widely spread in the beginning, that this was a golden ticket,” said Brenna Boonstra, who oversees the retail licensing group for Cannabis Compliance Inc., an industry consulting firm.

“It’s proving to be tremendously complicated.”

Just two of the seven lottery winners for the West Region — a vast chunk of the province that stretches from Waterloo Region to Hamilton to Windsor — have filed their retail store application.

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