Cannabis Retailers Ask RCMP To Enforce Illicit Market Activity On Weedmaps

Weedmaps said transitioning to regulated cannabis is “inherently complex”

Several prominent Canadian cannabis retailers are asking the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to take a hard look into Weedmaps to stamp out illicit marijuana operators on the popular online platform. 

The letter, co-signed by the heads of eight cannabis retailers including High Tide Inc. and Superette Inc., said that more work needs to be done to shut down the proliferation of illicit cannabis dispensaries and delivery services across Canada. The signatories focused their attention on Weedmaps, a website that operates as a platform for both legal and illicit dispensaries and delivery services in the letter delivered on Monday to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Michael Duheme. 

“In view of Weedmaps’ unwillingness to delist illicit market services in Canada and to stop profiting from the proceeds of crimes committed in Canada, we ask that you direct your appropriate investigative units to immediately look into what enforcement action can be taken against Weedmaps’ Canadian operations,” the letter states. 

A Weedmaps spokesperson ​told BNN Bloomberg in an email that that transitioning to regulated cannabis markets is “inherently complex” and providing accurate information is “crucial,” but didn’t directly address some of the concerns raised by retailers in the letter. 

“Safe and convenient access to cannabis for patients and consumers is essential for a functioning and thriving legal cannabis economy, and Weedmaps is committed to working with the federal and provincial governments to ensure this is prioritized,” the spokesperson said. 

An RCMP spokesperson weren’t immediately available for comment.

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